Bibi Halter Summary

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The husband and wife, both are belongs to contrast cultural backgrounds with contrast experieces. This is the evident of the gap between India and America. This quitly dealt with the early period of the married life of the couple. Their parents are attached them emotionaly. Sanjeev and Twinkle are decided to move to house in an America where they find the statue of Jesus Christ while Twinkle was exited but he did not happy. That existence of statue is not very uncomfortble to him. So, he wants to remove that symbols from the house. So, Sanjeev quarrels with his wife. This express the different personalities of the couple’s. Because of, from since they are Hindu.
The protagonist, Twinkle represents to the second generation of female immigrants.
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Through the portrayal of a hysterical character, apart from highlighting the atrocious attitude of Indian society, Lahiri seems to emphasize the role of sex in the healing of physical deformity and mental retardation. Bibi Halter is a protagonist of the story who suffered from a baffling desease. Although a long period of period of suffering, humiliation and indifferent attitude of the relatives has emanciated a Bibi Halter physically and mentally, the fire of sexuality burns as intensely in her as in any normal human being: “Each day she unloaded her countless privations upon us, until it became unendurably appaarent that Bni wanted aman.” …show more content…
In which, she talk about the immigrant experience and alianation of the librarian that revolves around in London and Boston accorting to the different taste of the reader. This tells about the Bengali gentleman moved to London and finally settled in Boston where he begins loving his wife after a hundred year old lady certifies her as perfect. He adopting the ways and cultures of three different continents. In America he got very struggle to get a job and finally he joins in Dewery Library of MIT, Boston. He travelled alone to three different type of continents to make his fortune. “still,there are times I am bewildered by each mile I travelled, each meal I have eaten, each person I have known, each room in which I

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