Overcoming Obstacles In 'God Is Not A Fish Inspector'

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Overcoming obstacles means to propel past hardships and pursue desires. When people are faced with hardship it can be the most glorious relief to achieve goal(s), on the other hand, it can cause a detrimental feeling of unsuccessfulness. When people are faced with obstacles they can have one of two reactions it can motivate them or destroy them. For the people it motivates, it can be the factor that gets them out of bed in the morning. For the people it destroys. it can leave them hopeless and lost. Overcoming obstacles can shape people’s character and make them fervent towards their desires or this can have a negative impact. In the short story “God Is Not a Fish Inspector “W.D Valgardson exemplifies how people react to hardship. Some people let obstacles destroy them while others use obstacles as motivation. The moment people lose their drive and motivation towards these impediments, people have no ambition to keep going. Fusi has to combat his old age, opposition with the fish inspectors, and his many conflicts with his daughter Emma and her husband John Smith.

Fusi’s old age is a hardship he battles which he must overcome. Fusi refuses to give in to the stereotypes faced by most elders his age. He struggles to come to terms with his age and does not consume a
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Fusi is so committed to subduing the fish inspectors he rouses at three in the morning “this morning as every morning he had waken at three” (44) as he wakes in the morning he must avoid his daughter Emma and her husband John Smith. Motivated by the fish inspectors he feels young again aswell he is exhilarated by the potential he could be caught but hasn't been as men half his age have been caught “They would take his fish and net away” (49) he explains the consequences he may potentially face if the fish inspectors caught him fishing without a

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