Analysis Of The Idea 108 By Thomas Bouillot

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No one makes a lock without a key. That’s why God did not present us with difficulties without providing us with the solution. The image, “Idea #108” by Thomas Bouillot illustrates that when individuals understand that every challenge comes with a solution, they develop the ability to approach any hardship with courage, resulting in overall satisfaction, and decreased stress. It is through these hardships and challenges individuals are able to nurture and develop their well-being. Overcoming these challenges lifts the confidence of individuals, allowing them to heal the past, accept the present, and plan for the future while disregarding the challenges they are afflicted with. Tackling a hardship with absolute confidence strengthens a person because they realize that they have the potential to conquer upcoming hardships. However, if individuals are to surrender to the challenges, it results in the destruction of their self-confidence.
The black and white color choice provides an unnatural perspective of viewing life. This is because we live in a colored world, therefore visualizing it through black and white changes the point of view. It creates a binary vision, showing only good or bad and no in between. The subtlety of tones enhances the subject of the image, which distributes the focus of the image evenly throughout the image. The foreground of the image consists of the black, wrinkled shadow of a non-existing person. The shadow is symbolic of the adversity the individual

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