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  • Michael Jordan Achievements

    There are a handful of players you think of when you think of the greatest NBA players ever, whether it be statistically or just the one that captured you, or your parents hearts as kids growing up. Who is really the best? Michael Jordan is absolutely, without a doubt the greatest basketball player ever. What makes Michael the best from the other greats like, Hakeem Olajuwon, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Elgin Baylor? Many things separate him from the others, not just his scoring, and dunking abilities. Regular season stats are what put you in the running for MVP awards, and All Star Game selections. Michael Jackson dominated the pop charts completely in his prime, and there was no one coming close to him. Michael Jackson…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Greatest Sport Of Basketball

    The girls season and tournament are very similar. The NCAA has been around since 1939 when the Oregon Ducks beat The Ohio State Buckeyes in the first ever national championship game and all the way up to this year 's tournament where The Villanova Wildcats beat The North Carolina University Tar Heels. The men 's game has been dominated by powerhouses Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, and UCLA. The women 's game has been around since 1982 and has been dominated by Uconn, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and…

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  • The Season Of The Toronto Raptors Team

    Despite wrapping up the most successful regular season in franchise history, there is a general sense around the league that the Toronto Raptors have accomplished nothing. 21 seasons of (mostly) underachievement doesn’t help. 1 playoff series win and 7 playoff series losses don’t help. Zero best-of-seven playoff series wins definitely won’t help. Consecutive playoff series losses as the higher seed……well, you get the picture! Are you still reading? Because that’s all the negativity you’re…

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  • Why Do Basketball Players Get Overpaid

    Hill is known for the time he spent playing for the Orlando Magic, the Phoenix Suns, and the Detroit Pistons. Number Seven: Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett earns around $12 million per year from the NBA and then an incredible, additional $10 million from endorsement deals. His net worth is $190 million, just beating out the number eight spot on this list. Number Six: Hakeem Olajuwon The key to becoming a rich basketball player is longevity and Hakeem Olajuwon is living proof. The 18 years he…

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  • Differences Between Michael Jordan And Lebron

    Michael Jordan poops on Lebron The ole debate. The debate that’ll ruin friendships, break hearts, and change your whole view on a person. Michael Jordan Vs. Lebron James. Michael would dominate Lebron if they played each other. Michael’s speed and mentality would leave Lebron in the dust. Lebron’s game is soft and he looks to flop. Today’s league is soft. Lebron constantly flops and cries if a call doesn’t go his way. There’s no way Lebron could play in Michael’s era. Michael had to play…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bill Russell

    [CI]We’ve seen many bigger and stronger players than Hakeem Olajuwon but nobody with his incredible skillset.Hakeem the dream dazzled many people with his legendary moves and that is a lot for a player who started playing the game at age 17! His Inside out passing which he found open shooter again and again would be a great skill for todays NBA,Passing big are starting to do a lot of work nowadays. [CI]There's always been a case for Hakeem being the best center of all time but usually the most…

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  • Should Student Athletes Get Good Grades Essay

    argue that you can just get an athletic scholarship without getting good grades if you are really talented. But really, there are only a limited amount of scholarships. If you have bad grades, you won’t be one of the people who does get a scholarship. There are advantages to being an athlete and even more for having good grades as more doors and colleges are opened for those with good grades. Getting good grades in order to play sports is important for students in their future. If a kid…

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  • Michael Jordan

    every game that he is in. Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. The Jordan family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. As Jordan was growing up his father James Jordan taught him how to work hard and not live the street life. Michael Jordan attended high in Emsley A Laney High School. In his sophomore, Jordan was cut from the varsity team because he was too short. Jordan was motivated by the doubts, he grew 4 inches during the summer before his junior year.…

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  • Michael Jordan's NBA Career

    thought the greatest was, he said that it is probably Jordan. Bird, who is another NBA great known because he was a tremendous shooter, says it is probably Jordan. Larry Bird thought Michael Jordan was the best when Michael was a rookie in the NBA, and even now Bird thinks Jordan is still at the top. Magic Johnson, who could probably be called as the best point guard of all time, said that the greatest of all time is Michael Jordan. Magic said, “Michael Jordan is the greatest player and Bill…

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  • Michael Jordan Competitiveness

    had so much love and competitiveness for the game that when he lost his love for the competition when he felt that the game was getting boring he quit, he didn't care about the records or what people thought he cared about how good he could be and when he felt he couldn't get any better he left. Michael Jordan meant more to the game than just six rings and countless records, people say that is someone like Shaq won those rings it wouldn’t have been the same as if Jordan won them because he won…

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