Hair Removal

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Trends and fashions for women are continuously changing to fit the whims of those with the most influence. As time goes on the trends seem to get more extreme and impractical such as women shaving all their unwanted hair, where men are encouraged to not shave theirs. Everywhere a woman looks there is a reminder or advertisement for hair removal and all the different options for it. The United States has only had a few occasions when women speak out against not shaving. Hair removal is a vital contributor for women to be seen as beautiful. Today’s society has an unrealistic expectation for all women to shave everything in order to be desirable and fit the image of the ideal woman. Puberty is when young girls really begin to see all the expectations …show more content…
The expectations of a women are usually the opposite of a man. In society, females are expected to shave everything and be smooth, whereas men are expected to embrace their hair and to let it grow. Arizona State University did an examination of body hair with the young males in a females ' studies course. The study shows “historically, body hair appearance has long been associated with gender, as hairiness signifies manliness and virility, while hairlessness connotes womanliness, youthfulness, and passivity” heartening women to shave today (Fahs). For a women to be seen as a lady and be full of femininity, their bodies must show perfection, no wrinkles, no uninviting hair, nothing out of place. Males are praised to have hair and be manly about it. Men who do shave are ridiculed by other men who see it as a womanly thing to do. Hair is by far one of the most worried about body image flaws that a majority of women have today in society. Females will go out of their way to try new hair removal treatments that promise the best results, especially if the treatments are labile. The faster and easiest way to conform to society 's whims is what a majority of women take action

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