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  • Summary Of 12 Years A Slave

    The movie, 12 Years a Slave, starts off with a group of slaves obtaining instruction on how to cultivate sugar cane crops. That group of slaves, singing the Lord’s Prayer, labored until late evening, and then, many group of slaves, got together for the dinner. Among the group slaves, Solomon Northup perceives the dark-colored juice of blackberries, and attempts to produce ink; however, he wasn’t successful. Later, in the midnight, Solomon’s sleep is disturbed by a passionate woman, which triggers memories of his past life. It turns out that Solomon was a free man, who lived in Saratoga, New York, with his wife and two children. In Saratoga, Solomon was a respected and much demanded man for his skills in violin. Next day, Solomon is invited to meet two, gentlemen, who claimed to work for circus-like show, and were in search for a violinist. Apparently, they turn out to be kidnappers, who abducted and smacked Solomon and then sailed him to the south with a new identity as a run-away slave, Platt. Along with Platt, an educated slave, Clemens, and a mother, Eliza, with her two children, accompanied Platt (Solomon). However, Clemens’ master rescued him, but Platt, and Eliza’s family were sent to auction. Next day, the day of auction, Ford, a kind-hearted plantation owner buys Platt and Eliza; however, Ford could not afford to buy her children. Eliza screamed and sobbed, but unfortunately she was separated from her family. Later, Ford brought Platt, and Eliza to his house, and…

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  • Character Analysis: Twelve Years A Slave

    In Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup, Solomon resisted slavery by analyzing people, situations, the connection between God and slavery, and building connections. Solomon's story begins with his account of his father Mintus Northrup which became a free slave after his master's death. His fathered raised Solomon and his brother with morals as well as their place in reference to God. Mintus Northrup helps Solomon develop a solid foundation to resist his capture and his enslavement by giving…

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  • Significance Of Blackbirding In 19th Century Peru

    Anthropology 104 Research Essay: Blackbirding in 19th Century Peru and Rapa Nui: In the nineteenth century, Islands in the Pacific were able to develop like any place on earth. With ranges of different climates and land that at their disposal, the islands inhabitants were able to work together on their own to identify how best to keep their land rich in produce in order to keep their people happy and healthy. That is until forced migration being a defining factor for the future outcomes of the…

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