Oolong Tea Case Study

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Tea has been a long time traveler, conquering the world one county at a time, and is known for being one of the healthiest beverages. For over 700 years people have started, as well as ended their day with a nice hot cup of tea; reaping the benefits of its herbal medicinal properties. Did you know that during the time of the Han Dynasty in China, between 202 BC and 220 AD, tea was extremely hard to come by and was only able to be drank by the rich and people from Royal families? It wasn’t until the Tang Dynasty took place between 618 and 907 that drinking tea was more acceptable among the lower classes of people. The Chinese government then decided to support this wonderful herb and began to build shops so everyone could reap the benefits of …show more content…
Oolongs also have the capability to help with weight management and are packed with powerful antioxidants our body needs! For this reason you must give the Red Thunder a try. It also happened to be the Branch Manager, Mr. Lama’s favorite tea, and his enthusiasm and passion really showed, making this tea a new favorite of mine as well. Mr. Lama is incredibly knowledgeable and goes above and beyond his duty to ensure each customer is satisfied with their experience. He also really knows which flavorful desserts are best paired with their varieties of tea. The Red Thunder is also a bit more caffeinated, similar to the Muscatel, and is semi-fermented delivering a luxuriant aroma! It has a sweet after taste with a hint of fruitiness and paired deliciously with their Frangi Panitart made with almond milk. This dessert was creamy yet crunchy delivering a buttery aftertaste with the hint of fresh raspberry. I would most certainly pair these together for a morning tea-party.
There’s also a great limited edition and rare tea available right now named the First Flush, Wonder and is incredibly full bodied with an earthy, fragrant aroma. You’ll really enjoy the light, velvety taste and I believe this is a tea to be enjoyed by all. Pair it with the Granny Smith Apple Pie, which they make with oat milk giving it a smooth velvety texture. These two together offer the perfect balance of crunchy, sweet, and that slight bitterness from the tea that will have your tastebuds begging for

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