Compare And Contrast 5 Hour Energy Vs Red Bull

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5 Hour Energy versus RedBull With a fast-paced world, many people are struggling to keep up. Some people have trouble getting through the last bit of their day. Remedies to these problems would normally be solved by more sleep, healthier foods, and better exercise. Although all of those activities are important, they are not attainable at any given moment of the day. Energy drinks and shots are becoming more prevalent in pop culture as people are realizing their quick fix. Energy drinks are supposed to give the consumer the right amount of energy to get them through the last bit of whatever they are doing. Two popular energy drinks, 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull, both claim to provide the consumer with long-lasting energy without the crash. But …show more content…
Both companies claim their respective drinks do. BuzzFeed, an internet media company, put three popular energy drinks to the test. BuzzFeed tested Monster, Red Bull, and 5 Hour Energy to see which one performs the best. They tested their test subjects’ reaction time and working memory beforehand. Twenty minutes after drinking 5 Hour Energy, they reported feeling more energetic, actually feeling better than when they tested Monster beforehand. On average, after two hours, their reaction time and memory had increased 8%. After five hours, they reported not tired, but not wired, a slow buildup of energy. After five hours, memory and reaction time were still 5% above normal. The last drink they tested was Red Bull. Twenty minutes after consuming it, they expressed feeling jittery with a crash. Their scores had increased an average of 8% after two hours and after five hours, scoring 4% lower than normal. The testers felt lethargic and scattered brained (Sueper). Different drinks react differently to different people, though. According to these results, 5 Hour Energy provides the energy without the jitters or the crash, whereas Red Bull’s energy is too much too

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