Red Bull Vs 5 Hour Energy Essay

5 Hour Energy versus RedBull With a fast-paced world, many people are struggling to keep up. Some people have trouble getting through the last bit of their day. Remedies to these problems would normally be solved by more sleep, healthier foods, and better exercise. Although all of those activities are important, they are not attainable at any given moment of the day. Energy drinks and shots are becoming more prevalent in pop culture as people are realizing their quick fix. Energy drinks are supposed to give the consumer the right amount of energy to get them through the last bit of whatever they are doing. Two popular energy drinks, 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull, both claim to provide the consumer with long-lasting energy without the crash. But …show more content…
They like being able to pick and choose flavors and strengths. Both Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy have different and diverse product lines. 5 Hour Energy offers regular strength, extra strength, and decaf. Their regular strength shot comes in berry, citrus-lime, grape, pomegranate, orange, and pink lemonade. These six flavors are all four calories (Great Tasting Regular). Their extra strength shots come in berry, grape, sour apple, and strawberry watermelon (Great Tasting Extra). In addition to regular and extra strength shots, 5 Hour Energy also provides a decaf version of their energy shots in citrus, containing no niacin. 5 Hour Energy markets this version to those who “[are] sensitive to caffeine but still need a little boost to get through your day” (Decaf). This particular product is very unique and broadens their target market. Diversifying their products allows 5 Hour Energy to dominate the market share. Red Bull comes in Original (Red Bull Energy Drink), Sugar Free (Red Bull Sugar), Total Zero (Red Bull Total), and Editions, which includes orange, cherry, cranberry, blueberry, and tropical (Red Bull Editions). Red Bull offers many flavors, but the strengths are all the same. 5 Hour Energy has more flavors and strengths than Red Bull, therefore, 5 Hour Energy is

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