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  • Tea Benefits

    Beginning its ancestry in China, tea which is a healthy beverage is one of the world’s most popular drinks. We have been drinking it for over 350 years. But in reality, the history of tea goes further back. The story of tea begins in China. It was first introduced in Japan, by Japanese Buddhist monks who had traveled to China to study and takes tea for mediation.The tree by which they use to make it was Camellia sinensis and the resultant drink was what we currently call tea. What are the Health Benefits Of Tea Universal Benefits Of Tea Tea has been around for any time. During that time, the Chinese have drunk it for everything from Common cold reduction to weight loss. Now, recent scientific research has given us an insight into how…

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  • Tea Discourse

    Tea emits a soothing atmosphere of acknowledgment and acceptance while its nutritional benefits give its consumer a reason to keep drinking. Recently, more and more Americans have fully grasped the importance of nutrition and how what we put into our bodies incredibly impacts how we feel. A trend of “Low fat” “Sugar Free” and “All Natural” products has risen and everyone wants to be a part of it. I even noticed this fad taking over my own mother when my favorite snacks started disappearing and…

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  • Cherokee Blackberry Tea

    is a long-known remedy to the Cherokee Indians for calming an upset stomach, among other things. Blackberry tea can be used to reduce swelling in the joints, while chewing on blackberry leaves can soothe sore gums. Blackberry root mixed with honey or maple syrup makes an all-natural cough syrup. Blackberries are full of antioxidants that promote…

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  • China Tea History

    China first introduced the world to tea, and according to Chinese tradition the first cup was brewed by Shen Nung, an emperor who reigned 2737-2697. It was claimed that like wine and coffee, the tea was created by accident. It is said that Nung was boiling water to drink, when a gust of wind brought some leaves into his pot. When he drank the tea, it was found refreshing. Tea is a mix of dried leaves, flowers and buds of the evergreen bush, Camellia sinensis. The drink quickly spread throughout…

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  • Lumitea Tea

    Drinking tea contains several health benefits that cannot be described in one word. From time immemorial, people are drinking tea not only for commercial enjoyment but also for treating different health issues. So, there is always a demand for good quality tea among the dealers and customers. Tea is at present the second most widely used beverage in the world and this fame is echoed in the ever-increasing availability of various kinds of tea online and in specialized stores. There are lots of…

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  • Green Tea Research Paper

    website, Funk (2016) claims that green tea can play a huge role in cancer prevention and depleting the rate at which numerous cancers spread such as: colon, liver, breast and prostate cancer. This would be one of the numerous health benefits that are provided green tea. This paper’s purpose is to explore ways of preventing or slowing down the spread of cancer, specifically looking at the effect of green tea on the human body…

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  • Starbucks Tea Culture Essay

    Tea culture is inherently a necessary part of the Asian lifestyle. With tea, we can mix it with other ingredients to create so many different kinds of drinks. At Starbucks, there is not only coffee but also tea is served. This can be considered as an advantage for Starbucks to launch a new product line called Bobaccino, a newly develop drink with milk tea mixed in coffee. Also, it reported that “Asian communities have been drinking boba milk tea in the United States for many years” (Danovich,…

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  • Shen Nung Tea History

    well as one of the healthiest, tea, was discovered in 2737 b.c. by a Great Chinese Emperor, creative scientist and skillful ruler. Legend has it that Emperor Shen Nung was drinking recently boiled water, when a few leaves from a nearby tree were blown into his bowl. The Emperor took a sip of the brew and was pleasantly surprised at the refreshing and energizing drink. Thus tea was created. In the early stages of tea, tea was used for medical purposes. Shen Nung discovered that tea leaves can…

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  • Green Tea Speech

    What is green tea? This is a product made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. Camellia Sinensis leaves are processed through low oxidation process. The origin of green tea is China where it was traditionally used and processed as medicine for treating depression and headaches. Today, it is processed and used in other parts of the world. There are many varieties depending on production, harvesting and processing factors. [dt_sc_hr_invisible] Various facts and myths have been fronted on…

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  • Starbucks Iced Tea

    New Product: In introducing a new flavor of iced tea within Starbucks long line of products has the potential to continue to provide Starbuck’s with brand exposure. “In 2012, there were 160 million Americans who drank tea daily in any form, consuming a total of 3.6 billion gallons, or around 80 billion servings of tea in a whole year” (Trefis Team, 2014). Furthermore, within the third quarter of 2014, it was Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz, who was credit with mentioning “that the company…

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