Starbucks Tea Culture Essay

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Tea culture is inherently a necessary part of the Asian lifestyle. With tea, we can mix it with other ingredients to create so many different kinds of drinks. At Starbucks, there is not only coffee but also tea is served. This can be considered as an advantage for Starbucks to launch a new product line called Bobaccino, a newly develop drink with milk tea mixed in coffee. Also, it reported that “Asian communities have been drinking boba milk tea in the United States for many years” (Danovich, 2016). For that reason, Starbucks will take this opportunity to specially introduce this product line to the young Asian market in U.S.

Our value offering statement is that Starbucks’ Bobaccino is the art of Asian coffee fusion. Starbucks is known as a beverage place using premium ingredients; hence, it will be able to serve with tasty Bobaccino's drinks by mixing these high-quality ingredients. With this new product line, Starbucks will offer to its customers with a different selection of tea based together with several choices of toppings such as tapioca pearl, jellies, beans, etc. to choose from and
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At present, it only has one store located in Monterey Park, but it is one of the favorite places of many young Asian adults to frequently hang out or get their to-go boba drinks. It focuses on the quality by serving the beverages with “fresh ingredients and award winning fruity teas as well as a carefully selected variety of loose-leaf teas and home-made honey sea salt cream” ( This answers the question why it always gets crowded and the line for ordering is long like Half & Half. It does offer a wide selection of drinks and toppings to add to drinks and served in that 24 oz. plastic bottles with cute designs on them ( Furthermore, there are over a thousand reviews for its store on Yelp, which shows how much it is appealing to many

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