Persuasive Essay On Drinking Coffee

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How to survive college: Drink coffee, lots of it! College is a lot of work so having to stay up all night to do homework or cramming for tests is almost a requirement. Being able to stay up all night or going to class on 2 hours of sleep requires a lot of energy, energy that is found in the caffeine of coffee. Coffee has the immediate effect of boosting unnatural energy into the body making you feel less tired, allowing you to more productive. But is coffee really a good solution or just another factor making a problem bigger?
My concern is to what extent does coffee become the problem as opposed to the solution for college students? The overconsumption of caffeine can be extremely dangerous and very addictive. The energy that caffeine provides
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Also just like drugs the more of it you have the faster your body gets used to. Starting off, one cup usually is enough to get you through the night. After weeks of consuming the same amount, the effect is not as big as it was the first few weeks. Now two cups of coffee are needed in order to feel the same energy. The cycle is repeated until it is the end of the semester and having 12 cups of coffee is the only way to even feel awake. At that point it is called an addiction, you are now dependent on …show more content…
People who weigh more and consume caffeine regularly typically have a higher tolerance to its effects. If you consume caffeine on a daily basis, it will affect your heart rate less, compared to someone who consumes it once a week or even more sporadically ( There are two major long term effects of the consumption of coffee, Type 2 diabetes and Cardiovascular disease. Type 2 diabetes, is a lifelong disorder that makes an individual have high blood sugar levels and relatively lacs insulin. Insulin is what helps keep your blood sugar levels from getting too high or low. Caffeine has been shown to reduce sensitivity to insulin (Wiley, 2005). This means that your body already lacks the resource to keep sugar blood levels regulated and by consuming coffee you are helping to reduce your insulin level causing your diabetes to worsen. A study in the Netherlands reported that people who drank at least seven cups of coffee a day were half as likely to develop type 2 diabetes mellitus as people who drank two cups or less a day (Wiley, 2005). While doing research, Cardiovascular disease was mentioned several times by different articles. They were reputable sources so I initially took notes on how cardiovascular disease was influenced by the consumption of coffee but then I came across another source that stated the opposite. Of course I puzzled by the contradiction of

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