Sample Research Paper: Coffee Can Kill

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Research Paper: Coffee Can Kill
Caffeine is a daily part of life for many Americans. Not only in the coffee and tea that is a morning ritual for many people, but also in sodas, chocolates, diet pills, and countless other sources that many people are unaware of. Often, children and teens consume large amounts of caffeine in the form of sodas and energy drinks. Besides from an enormous amount of caffeine in these drinks, there is also a huge amount of sugar. Similarly, most Starbucks drinks contain a huge amount of caffeine and sugar hidden behind names like Pumpkin Spice Latte. Nothing about that name sets up red flags unless you know that a latte is an espresso shot with milk, and then on top of that there is the artificial sugary flavoring that they put into the drinks.
Through this process Devan and I did research on the harms of coffee on the adolescant brain, but also on the reason for teens’
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However, it seems that the long term risks far outweigh the short term benefits of chronic caffeine consumption.
There aren’t many organizations out there that are really working for change, but the FDA cautions consumers against excessive usage of caffeine especially in pure powdered form. The National Coffee Association (of which I am a member) is devoted to showing the benefits of coffee specifically, and does not really stray into other forms of caffeine.
As far as our actions, we did a few different things. I created a website via google sites that has information on the dangers of caffeine and has links to a few of our sources. I also created a poster, which as well as being on the website and facebook, I put up around my neighborhood and went door to door talking to neighbors about coffee and caffeine and encouraging them to consider changing to

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