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  • Herodotus's Immaginative Geography

    Europe of the same size….the “proper notion of the size and shape of these two continents. Persian territory extends southward to the Red Sea, as it is called; north of them are the Medes, then the Saspires, then the Cholchians, who go as far as the northern sea, where the mouth of the Phasis is. These four nations fill the area between the Black sea and the Persian Gulf. Thence run westward two great continental promontories, one of which stretches from the Phasis on the north along the Black Sea and the Hellespont to the Mediterranean at the Sigeum in the Troad, and again, in the south, along the Mediterranean coast from the Myriandic gulf, near Phoenicia, to Cape Triopium...Such is Asia from Persia westward; eastward, beyond Media and the territories of the Saspires and Colchians...Asia is inhabited as far as India...Such, then, are the shape and size of Asia Libya is part of the second branch I mentioned, for it adjoins Egypt...but is soon broadens out, and what is known as Libya covers a very large area. In view of what I have said, I cannot but be surprised at the method of mapping Libya, Asia, and Europe. The three continents do, in fact differ very greatly in size Europe is as long as the other two put together, and for breadth is not, in my opinion, even to be compared with them. As for Libya, we know it is washed on all sides by the sea except where it joins Asia...”(Herodotus, 4.37-4.42). This excerpt delineates the three sections of his quartered map, in which…

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  • Istanbul Cultural Factors

    As a route to the Black Sea, the Bosporus waterway is one of the busiest waterways in the world. (Economy of Istanbul, Being the only sea route between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, the Bosporus in result traffics many of the city 's imports and exports. For example, in the provided picture, "Rising Power on the Bosporus", there are five key elements that are to be addressed: economic growth, private consumer spending, national debt, age distribution, and…

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  • Middle East: Arid Geographic Region

    Climate has a big impact on where people choose to live. The most dominate climate found in the Middle East is an Arid (desert) climate. Countries that have this climate are Saudi Arabia, Western Sahara, Niger, Egypt, and Oman. The Mediterranean climate is less dominant than most climate regions located in the Middle East. The Mediterranean climate region is close to large bodies of water for example the Mediterranean Sea. Countries that have this climate region are Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, and…

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  • An Analysis OfThe Ocean, By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    speaker also compares the worries of land to the peacefulness of the sea.This poem is about the death and afterlife that takes place under the sea and the peace that comes with it. The theme is about how above the ocean the waves are crazy and chaotic, but under the ocean it’s peaceful and calm, and the seamen who have died at sea are at the bottom peacefully at rest. The ocean is a frightful place, unfathomable, where many people have gone and few returned. .It mainly talks about the calmness…

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  • The Poem In The Calm By Sean O Brien

    “The Calm” by Sean O’Brien is a four part metaphor representing the infinite serenity of the ocean and the stars as well as the revolving of a lighthouse in comparison to the people who have fallen from the light. In the first three stanzas we see beautiful metaphors comparing the rolling of the waves to the movement of the stars and, the revolving of the lighthouse to the tilt of the harbor. The poem continues to describe the inhabitants of a nearby bar who have fallen from stardom, sharing a…

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  • The Sea In Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea Cycle

    characters throughout the Earthsea. In each of these stories there is one, shared constant: the sea. Throughout the books characters leave their homes and set off to face the unknown. Le Guin uses the sea to represent the unknown. We see this when a number of characters, including Ged, Arha and Arren, leave safety and land behind and take off into the unknown carried by the mage or earthwind. In her books, Ursula Le Guin says that to move forward in life you must be willing to brave the…

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  • Greek Tragedy

    human life. Synge embodies this malicious aspect of Nature through the sea. Fate appears as the roaring sheet of water that plays the offstage protagonist, predetermining the lives of the characters. Comparable to the tragedies of Sophocles, Synge creates a looming tragic atmosphere through his premonitions of the future. The application of dramatic ironies such as the case of material brought by Maurya for Michael’s funeral being used for Bartley’s instead, adds to the tragic air of the text. …

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  • The Tide Rises The Tide Falls

    Falls”: The cycle of life I chose the poem “The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls ” by , because it spoke to me. For some odd reason the tone of the poem really just interested me and quote on quote, “..the sea of darkness calls/.” Like the poem is symbolizing, people come and go constantly but no one lives forever. The meaning of the poem is symbolized by the ocean. In other words, the ocean symbolizes death. Just like how a person is unable to stop death, they are also unable to stop the ocean. By…

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  • Memory By Kenneth Walcott Analysis Essay

    As time’s clock runs its course, we often find ourselves nostalgic of times that could have been or were. Staring out across an ocean, laughing around a table filled with close friends, or taking a long walk at night humans seek reflection and question if we have proven ourselves worthy. Similar to Walcott in his poem, people begin to reflect when faced with reminders of their past. The magnitude of the narrator’s experience is clearly portrayed in his nostalgic tone and repetition of…

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  • An Analysis Of Matthew Arnold's Poem Dover Beach

    “Dover Beach”: In his “Dover Beach,” Matthew Arnold employs images related to the ocean to establish a theme relating to the cyclical nature of human life. Specifically, he refers to the continuation of misery throughout an individual’s life. This allusion to cycles is supported throughout the poem through the use of tidal imagery. For example, he refers to the French coast and how “the light gleams and is gone” (3-4) This is significant as light often works as a symbol of hope. Therefore, this…

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