Hydrophobic Spray Essay

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Title: Everything About Hydrophobic Spray
Description- A hydrophobic spray is mainly used for making a surface water-proof but it needs to be used carefully due to its easily damaging nature.
A hydrophobic spray is also called hydrophobic coating and it is basically a nanoscopic layer which repels water. The droplets that hit this spray can rebound in a column shape or like a pancake. This coating is made of different materials which include zinc oxide polystyrene, manganese oxide polystyrene, carbon nano-tube structures, precipitated calcium carbonate and silica nano-coating. It is always a cost-effective idea to make use of silica nano-coatings. These coatings tend to be gel-based and they can easily be applied either through aerosol spray or by dipping an object into this gel. On the other hand, oxide polystyrene is more durable in comparison to silica-coatings but there are huge costs involved in applying this type of coating. Carbon nano-tubes also tend to be a little expensive. Thus, the gels which are silica based make the most economical option for making a hydrophobic coating.
The Industrial Uses of Hydrophobic Cover
There are different industries that make use of hydrophobic covers for ultra-dry
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