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  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee Research Paper

    Jackie Joyner-Kersee is widely known as one of the all-time greatest female athletes out there. She is known mostly for her high achievements in the sport of track and field but has many other accomplishments that are not as well advertised. She is also known for some of the many world records she set and some that she still holds. Jackie Joyner-Kersee is someone that even when she is long gone, everyone will still remember. On March 3, 1962 unto the world was born a little baby girl whom no one knew was one day going to have such an impact on both the world of sports and the world around her; Jacqueline “Jackie” Joyner-Kersee. When Jackie was born her grandmother said that she must be named Jacqueline because, “She would be the first woman of something”. Little did they know that statement would come true in the years to come. Jackie was born and raised in small town East St. Louis, Illinois. She lived there along with her mother, father, great-grandmother and her brother. They lived in a small four room house that they could hardly maintain especially during the cold months when the pipes would freeze, but they did what they could. Jackie’s mother Mary was a huge influence on Jackie’s sports career because she refused to let Jackie or her brother (Olympic athlete Al Joyner) date before the age of…

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  • Madam C. J. Walker Biography

    Well, hello there my name is Sarah Breedlove, but you might know me as Madam C. J. Walker one of the first black females to become a millionaire, at a young age I opened my own factory and a beauty school I also created the world’s first hair-straightening formula aka the hot comb. You’re welcome. Enough of my boring millionaire life, I’ll tell you how I became to be. I was born December 23, 1867, on a plantation in Delta, Louisiana to two former slaves Owen and Minerva, but by the age of seven…

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  • Madam Jj Walker Biography

    Madam C.I. Walker Imagine waking up one morning and being an African American woman with natural hair. You walk into your bathroom and notice that all of your hair products are empty and that you need to restock. You then grab your keys and head for the nearest Sally Beauty Salon to pick up all of your hair products. The door opens and you are walking down the aisle to find your hair products, but all the products are gone that are designed for your hair. Luckily, that is where Madam C.J.…

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  • City Hunter Analysis

    In the first scene, Jackie was fighting with the bad guy in the long hair. While fight, the girl try to interrupt the City Hunter by telling multiple questions if city hunter loves her. Then, with Jackie was being distracted a lot, he got punch right in the face. In the Second punch right to Jackie face again he suddenly yells out the word “Moran” to the other fighter. Suddenly, she got upset because she thought he was calling her “Moran” to her instead of the guy fighting Jackie Chan. This…

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  • Analysis: How Did Baseball Become America's Pastime

    safely in 56 consecutive games, and 41-year-old pitcher Lefty Grove earned his 300th career win (Bedingfield, 2014). Despite this, the call to serve their country overcame the desire to play ball. According to Weintraub (2013), more than 500 major league players served during World War II, and some did not survive. Great players such as Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Hank Greenberg, and Joe DiMaggio, famously served in the war. When baseball resumed following the end of the war, the game and the…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Impact On Society

    April 15, 1947, a young man from Georgia stepped onto the field, he made history. Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player who starred in the major leagues from 1947 to 1957. What made his career special was he was extraordinary at the game as well as being the first African American to play the game. He played with the Brooklyn Dodgers as well as the Kansas City Monarchs in the “Negro League”. This is important because Jackie Robinson led the way for many other African Americans…

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  • How Does Baseball Affect Society

    American’s pockets, due to defense jobs and much-needed entertainment, Negro Leagues thrived. However, this also meant that many baseball players minor, major, and negro alike were enlisting and being draft into the military. That meant spots needed to be filled in the major league. Unfortunately, even with all these spots to fill the National league still would not allow black in the league. That is until the commissioner of baseball, Kenesaw Landis died. Landis would make sure black players…

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  • Rick Ankiel's Autobiography, The Phenomenon

    “I loved baseball for a while, then wasn’t so sure, then loved it again” (Ankiel 1). In just one sentence of the Autobiography, The Phenomenon, Rick Ankiel described the many difficulties that came along his route to success. He was budding into one of the best young pitchers to step on the face of the earth, but then came the pressure, the yips, and the pitch that changed his life. Ankiel’s book is an incredible story of how a big leaguer overcame the mental roadblocks in his mind to become a…

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  • Jackie Robinson Role Model

    Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. He moved to Pasadena where he went to high school, and junior college. He excelled in track, football, baseball, and basketball. He would then go on to compete in these sports at UCLA. After college, Jackie enlisted in the Army and served in Fort Riley, Kansas.(Robinson, 13). At the army base Jackie experienced racism, “ Finally, taking for granted that I was white, he said, ‘ Lieutenant,let me put it this way. How would you like…

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  • Baseball Influence On Society

    During the 1940’s, baseball was majority played by white Americans. Thanks to Jackie Robinson, today baseball is one of the leading professional sports who employ minorities. Jackie Robinson was a professional athlete for the game of baseball, but what he came to understand was that he also had to play a totally different type game. A game that was more powerful…

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