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  • Process Essay: Math In Track And Field

    throwing of a hunting spear to see how far you could get it (Marx 3). Math was used to calculate how far you threw the javelin and also how accurate it was to their goal (Marx 3). They measure the javelin throw in feet or meters (Marx 3). In track and field there is also the pentathlon which consisted of a five sport event for women that was held over two days (Marx 3). The pentathlon consisted of the 100 meter hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump, and 200 meter dash (Marx 3). The pentathlon consisted of a lot of math over the short two day span (Marx 3). In track and field there is also the heptathlon which consisted of a seven sport event for women that was held over two days (Marx 3). The heptathlon consisted of the 100 meter hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump, 200 meter dash, the javelin, and the 800 meter run (Marx 3). There was a lot of math involved in the heptathlon since it lasted two days and there were many different events that all used math somehow (Marx 3). Track and field events consist of a lot of different uses of math (Marx 3). In track and field between timing and measuring more than twenty events will be timed or measured at the end of the track meet (Marx 3). Math is a very important and crucial part in track and field (Marx 3). Without math in track and field there would be no way to record different competitors scores and no way to place them (Marx 3). These are the reasons why math is important in track and field. Math is used in all the…

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  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee Research Paper

    She has won an outstanding amount of awards throughout the amount of time she spent competing in not only the Olympics but other competitions as well. She still holds the world record for the most points scored in a women’s heptathlon coming in at 7,291 points. Attached is a list of different world records and championship placements she has received. Unfortunately Jackie had to retire from competing in sports in 2001 at the age of 38 because she suffered from exercise induced asthma and so…

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  • Marla Runyan's Blindness

    college, she attended San Diego State University, or SDSU (94). In order to keep up with the classes, she hired other students to help her by reading the pieces to her and taking notes for her (95). She graduated with distinction from SDSU in 1991 earning a master's degree in the education of the handicapped (LaFontaine 229). Runyan is famous for many reasons. Even before her Olympic race, she was making a name for herself from all the other races she ran. In college, she was ranked top ten…

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  • Marla Runyan Research Paper

    was no longer able to see the ball (LaFontaine 229). To cope with her disability, Marla began to run track in high school (LaFontaine 229). She started specializing in high jump and still maintained a “spotless academic record” (Newsmakers). At school, when she could not see the board or had trouble taking notes, Marla would hire a student to take notes for her or she would just record the lesson and take notes later (Newsmakers). Marla Runyan is so much more than just “someone who is blind.”…

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  • Importance Of Daily Allowances

    ordinary, common or done each day. ( Daily is something that everyone is used to it. Commonly, in daily is the action that an individual done every day. The students should be familiarized about their allowance. If the provider of their allowance gives it daily, they should be used on how to spend the allowance accurately. They should not be short because they already know their expenses day by day. Weekly. Weekly is defined as taking place, coming together or published once every seven days.…

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  • Fluid Before Exercise Essay

    team in the scrum. Elite sports men and women will have the best somatotypes suited for their specific role in their chosen sport. This will enhance the players performance during their game. Marathon runners are very slim, low BMI, low muscle mass. They look very toned because they hardly have any fat. Weightlifter – Very low body fat, high muscle mass, narrow hips and broad shoulders. They are very toned because they hardly have any fat surrounding their muscles. Prop (Rugby) – Mix of…

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