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  • Military Nurse Research Paper

    The career I plan on doing is a military nurse. This career interests me because it combines the two things I want to be when I grow up so I do not have to sacrifice one career for the other. I believe this career is a good suit for me, because I enjoy helping people and I believe I have the patients and that I am cool headed enough to try and deal with the stress. I want to make something of myself and become a person people look up to. I want to be known as a hero and to me those are two of the most heroic jobs you can have. The typical day for a military nurse will vary depending on if you are in a war zone or a V.A hospital. Working in war zone you are more likely to encounter life threatening injures than you would in a VA hospital or clinic (“Becoming”). In a war zone you will be setting up for tirage and managing it, also monitor the soldiers wounds (“Becoming”). You will not always be in a war zone, and when working at VA hospital you job will be more like a regular nurse, you will prepare the soldier sor surgeries and help provide post and preoperative care (“How”). Not only will you be providing the active duty soldier was medical care you will provide his or her family and non active duty veterans (“Becoming”). The most important part of your job though, is to provide them with care and make them feel as…

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  • A Career As A Military Nurse

    always been surrounded by people working or studying in the health care field. My father, my aunt, my grandmother and even two of my cousins are all nurses and they are all surprised I might be part of them really promptly, but wearing an imposing khaki uniform rather than a pastel-coloured one. I sincerely believe that I have chosen the best career for my future because being a Nursing Officer is not really dangerous, it gives the chance to live exciting and challenging adventures and it…

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  • Artefact During WW1

    1 All of the generals, colonels and highly ranked military officials were men, and most had some description of prejudice against women working in the war. They expressed this clearly in the uncouth way they treated them and the fact that they seemed to barely trust or acknowledge them. This artefact is Sister Alice Ross King’s diary excerpt This artefact should be included in the exhibition as it shows the one of the hardships that Australian army nurses had to go through during WW1. Nurses…

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  • Women's Role In The Civil War

    of women as nurses contributed greatly to the Civil War, because it helped the military maintain it’s strength. They formed organizations like the United States Sanitary Commission and were able to collect a total of 25,000,000 dollars from the public for war efforts(Georgia 221). The money collected was spent on medical and sanitary supplies for soldiers on the battlefield(Georgia 221). The Civil War required women to take on greater role and aid the soldiers in anyway that they can. That…

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  • Women In Vietnam War Essay

    When the Vietnam War came, about 11,000 women were stationed in Vietnam. Unlike World War 1 and World War 2 that consisted only nurses, military women held more roles, such as physicians, air traffic controllers, officers, and new corps such as the Army Medical Specialist Corps. Due to the American presence in South Vietnam in the 1960s, it led to a greater demand for women in the Army Nurse Corps. Women in the armed forces faced many debates when it involved them being in combat zones despite…

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  • Rosie The Riveter Ad Analysis

    The United States entered World War II on December 7, 1941 after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After this women began to take a role in helpping the war effort after men enlisted in the military and rushed off to war. Many women started to loose their homemaker image and work outside the home. By 1945 one out of every four married women worked outside of the home. These women changed everyday women 's roles by working in industry, military, and the community around them. World…

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  • The Importance Of Uniforms In The Military

    When a person enters the military, what's the first thing that comes to mind?The unique uniform. Growing up when I would see a man in a uniform, I would be able to recognize it to a certain military branch all the way from the Marines to the Navy. To me seeing those men and women in the uniform, it instantly gave them a position of power. To me, I looked at them as if they were already better than me just from the uniform. When I think of whom has the most credibility my mind instantly goes to…

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  • Gender Roles In Kara Dixon Vuic's The Girls Next Door

    in society. In Kara Dixon Vuic’s novel, Officer, Nurse, Woman: The Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam War, she vividly depicts personal accounts of army nurses in the war and how their lives in America changed forever. In this novel, these nurses finally get to tell their own captivating…

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  • Women's Roles During The American Civil War

    women also impersonated themselves as men and joined the fight, while many other females were nurses and spies. As thousands of enslaved ladies were just beginning to be freed, they began their new lives surrounded by the barbarity and midst of the war. When the war was put to an end, 160,000 ladies were left mourning about their family members who had fought and passed away. The American Civil War notably impacted the lives of various American women. When analyzing women 's rights from former…

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  • Should Women Be Allowed To Serve In Combat

    the need for the highest level of military readiness…

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