Importance Of Daily Allowances

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Daily allowance is the amount of money given to an individual in every single day. It is the allotted amount on a specific day. It is the usual amount that an individual is using. There is already estimated amount that will be spending for that specific day. It is given by the providers sometimes examining the recipient how it will be spent (Wyer, Robert S. and Bargh, John A.1997).
Daily is related in the topic on how the students budget their allowances because students are using their money every day. Students have everyday expenses that need money for the payment. As a student, budgeting is very important because every day, money is involves and without having any knowledge about daily budgeting their money will be wasted. Knowing student’s
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It is something that usually happened every day. Daily is commonly known as quotidian, which means ordinary, common or done each day. (
Daily is something that everyone is used to it. Commonly, in daily is the action that an individual done every day. The students should be familiarized about their allowance. If the provider of their allowance gives it daily, they should be used on how to spend the allowance accurately. They should not be short because they already know their expenses day by day.
Weekly. Weekly is defined as taking place, coming together or published once every seven days. Weekly is called hebdomadal. Hebdomadal is a rare term describing a basic concept, calendar week. The noun hebdomadis referring to a group of seven or a period of seven days derives from Greek word hepta, which means "seven;" that root also gave us "heptathlon," an Olympic event consisting of seven events (Merriam-webstercom, 2016). The term "week" is sometimes expanded to refer to other time units comprising a few days, such as the nundinal cycle of the ancient Roman calendar, or the "work week" or "school week" referring only to the days spent on those
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It is also stated here that savings is really important in every individual. Because when you have enough savings, you know where to get money for emergency uses. And also saving can make your life much better because primarily, money is the main problem of everyone (Root, 2005).
Saving is the portion of allowance which is not spend by student. Through budgeting, student know where they will use it properly. Budgeting is a big help because this will help student to save money. They can properly allocate their money on where they will use it that’s why there is a big chance that their money will not be wasted. Saving is the allocation of expendable earnings that has not been spent on utilization of commodity goods, yet accumulated or to put money in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value (Businessdictionary, 2016).
To avoid shortage, a student must save his money. He needs to use his allowance wisely. If he used it wisely, then he can already save money, which is the primarily attitude on budgeting

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