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  • The Mandan Indians

    The Mandan Indians faced many challenges in their lives, from the environment and climate to pests and other human beings. Many of the introductions into their world had both positive and negative effects. How were they able to survive and what drove them on a daily basis? The Mandans were like other tribes of their time in that they searched for a place to live that provided the resources necessary to maintain their life. They also made sure the place could be protected from attacking or invading hostiles. Their lives were not focused on material possession, but rather on the things that were needed for survival. I don’t know that we, today, could endure in their world without our daily cup of Starbucks and Smartphones by our side. The…

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  • The Mandan People's Role In History

    Name: Boston Whitaker The Mandan people were a unique group of Native Americans who had an important role in history; they contributed to Lewis and Clark’s expedition. Their main roles in history were being hunters, farmers, and traders. The Mandan people had their own language, culture, roles, and trade. The Mandan people were native to North Dakota and their language was Siouan (Source D). The Mandan tribes did not understand other Native American languages including Hidatsa and Arikara, so…

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  • The Mandan Tribe

    The Mandan’s of the Great Plains Region The Mandan Indians were a tribe living among other Indians within the Great Plains region. The Great Plains is basically the central area in North American. The Great Plains region consists of various states like Iowa, the Dakotas, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Missouri. It ranges from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. The general region of the Great Plains has a geography typically described as “miles and miles of flat land and gently…

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  • Comparing The Mandan And Hidatsa

    The village structure and welcoming society of the Mandan and Hidatsa fascinated European and American explorers who traveled the Northern Plains. These men documented their experiences in travel journals and artistic depictions that defied the popular image Western America. Although these paintings are masterpieces of American art, they often omit or subordinate the heart of Mandan and Hidatsa society: women. The placement and role of women in the art of George Catlin, Karl Bodmer, and Fredrick…

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  • Fall In Mandan Research Paper

    Fall is associated with leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and big sweaters on instagram, in real life though it's not as pretty. Fall in Mandan brings nine week tests and cold weather,a very different perspective than what is perceived on the internet. The reality of what fall is really like can be harsh and not as plasing to look at or live in. Fall is the awkward inbetween time before the harsh winter takes over the year. The leaves change and the air is filled with the smell of sweetgrass and…

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  • Mr Jungling Research Paper

    After being at Mandan High School for just over a year now, I have had some different interactions with the teachers. However, teachers that stuck out the most were definitely the baseball coaches because I started playing that when I moved here. Mr. Jungling was one of my favorite baseball coaches and teacher. In my opinion, what makes a good teacher is someone who pushes students to their best abilities while at the same time providing a unique way to learn and if necessary, adjusting to the…

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  • Four Native American Regions

    transportation, clothing and home lives. • How are tribes from different regions affected by factors like geography and climate? o Generalization: The Iroquois of the Eastern Woodland region, the Hopi of the Desert Southwest region, and the Mandan of the Great Plains region are affected by climate and geography. Each tribe from each region must adjust and adapt their ways of life based on geography and climate. Weather conditions and terrain within the regions affect every aspect of life…

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  • Sacagawea Tribe

    Lewis and Clark decided to build a shelter called Fort Mandan for the winter. They met Charbonneau and insisted for him to come. They then took along Sacagawea because of her knowledge of the Shoshone culture and language. They became part of the interpreter team. If a Shoshone tribe was encountered, Sacagawea would talk to them and translate it to Hidatsa for Charbonneau, then he would translate it into French for Francois Labiche (a member of the corps), then he would translate it into English…

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  • Who Is George Drouillard's Argumentative Essay

    After coming back from the bizarre trip to Fort Mandan I was sent with three other to transport some buffalo meat that was stored away downriver. We then headed down river on the ice with two sleighs, three horses, and a young horse to where the hunting team stores the meat in log cribs, which was meant to help protect it. One evening we were all attacked by over 100 SIOUX INDIANS!! They took our sleigh horses and a majority of our weapons. I recommend that we held our fire, which was the best…

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  • Westward Expansion: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    well as guiding them through rough terrain, Lewis and Clark were able to document the geography and Indian tribes that were in the West. And by winter time, the explorers had arrived in central North Dakota, home of the Mandan people. The explorers were greeted with kindness and when the offered their gifts, the Mandans were pleased. It wasn’t long before the two groups made friends. Because the winter was so cold, the expedition remained with the Mandans until spring. But by April of 1805,…

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