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  • Out Of The Dust Figurative Language Analysis

    Nadiya Tate Mrs.Roper 2nd period March 8 2017 Out of the dust By Karen Hesse In the book out of the dust billie jo struggling to find relief after the death of her mother.She feels abandoned, worthless after the situation. She shows these emotions on page 205, she was very unsure and confused about her feelings with her dad.Billie jo showed imagery in this way because everytime she looks at her dad she is reminded of “The accident “. Billie jo is very depressed many of the items in her house make her think about her mother.”No one talks about fire right to my face, they can't forget how fire changed my life”. In the poem “ The Empty Space“ Billie Jo is expressing figurative language by saying that her father has fatherly like ways but he has became a stranger to her.In the book she keeps her feelings to herself like a diary.I just showed figurative language by describing her keeping her feelings to herself like a diary . At this moment Billie jo is depressed about her mother then all of a sudden something rare happens it rains. In the poem“Hope” she is calm by the rain and snow. She feels as if everything is okay and that the crops will start going away, the dark paths of dust will unveil to her happiness.”in the dark, headlights shining he idled toward the freshened feilds, certain the grass would grow again,certain the weeds would grown again,certain the wheat would grow again imagery he seeing…

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