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  • Paula Deen's Reputation

    Before Paula Deen’s reputation was demolished, most people thought of this celebrity chef as a kindhearted and generous woman that never caused any drama or hatred. Deen spent her life fattening up people with her delicious, butter-filled southern recipes and raising two respectable sons. Then her perfect life rapidly screeched to a halt and she found herself in a courthouse being sued by her own employee over racial discrimination (Puente). This was not too hard for most people to believe because of her early life. Originally born and raised in the south, where racism was very common. Due to her background it wouldn’t be insane to think that she was submerged with racial slurs and racial discrimination while growing up. This paper will go…

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  • Paula Deen: Case Study

    Paula Deen Public Relations Advice In 2013 celebrity chef Paula Deen admitted under oath that “Yes, of course I’ve used the N-word”. This happened just after Deen’s former employee Lisa Jackson sued her, and investigators found "evidence of systemic racial discrimination and harassment at the operations” of Deen’s Atlanta restaurant “Lady & Sons”. The race claims were dismissed from the case, but matters just got worse from there for Deen. She lost several endorsements, book deals, and her…

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  • The Political Non-Apology Analysis

    On August 17, 1998 President Bill Clinton delivered a speech to the American public addressing an inappropriate relationship with a former White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky. In comparison to Robert M. Eisingers “The Political Non-Apology” Clinton 's public apology has some of the characteristics of a full apology but, is predominantly a non-apology. Although, acknowledges the offense committed, he minimizes his offense throughout the speech and plays the victim card in attempts to…

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  • Influence And Impact Of Malcolm X

    In the minds of many American’s Malcolm X is a great example when it come to evolution. Most particularly all race can relate to him until this day because of his empowerment. In the early life of Malcolm his father was murdered by the Ku-Klux-Klan, known as a supremacist cult. After the death of his father his mother was sent to a mental hospital which it effected Malcolm, he felt powerless to change his condition. When Malcolm x went to prison it had amazing impact in his life, he read every…

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  • Paula Dee Research Paper

    Of all the Paula Deen Recipes available, can you guess which one gets the most searches online? It’s probably not surprising that the number one favorite, out of all of the Paula Deen recipes to choose from, that the most popular dish is none other than America’s most beloved comfort food, mac and cheese. What you may find surprising is learning there are 54,300 searches for Paula Deen Macaroni and Cheese, every single month! Now to be fair, Paula Deen Macaroni and Cheese actually gets 18,100…

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  • Paula Deen's Argument Analysis

    In 2013, celebrity chef, Paula Deen, found herself in hot water after being accused of using an offensive racial slur in the past. This revelation emerged during a court proceeding, involving a lawsuit brought against Deen. Lisa T, Jackson, a former Deen restaurant employee, alleged that the chef had consistently used racial slurs and had mistreated employees of other races. During her deposition, Deen admitted to using the slur but denied any malicious intent. In response, Deen’s contract,…

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  • Southern Food

    personality, but she also gives off a sort of home-like and comfortable feeling because of her Southern hospitality. These characteristics of Paula are strongly displayed in her television programs and on her website, which states, “In Paula Deen’s kitchen, no one is a stranger and she likes to keep it that way” (“Paula Deen”). As the author of 14 cookbooks with each selling more than 8,000,000, she has received multiple awards for her traditional home-styled Southern recipes displayed in them…

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  • Stereotypes In Popular Music

    Stereotypes have been outcasted in most forms of popular culture, but a few are left that utilize these ideas. Music genres like rap or hip-hop stereotype women and colored people, but when it is used by a television personality, people become outraged. One incident in particular, a famous cook, Paula Deen, used degrading terms to describe an African-American, but those and similar terms are used in popular music today (Dowd). All minorities alike will become outraged when derogatory terms are…

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  • Examples Of Food Rhetoric And Foodways

    example with the label “craft beer”, which implies that it is produced with care when it is indeed mass produced. Other labels on foods also give the appearance of being a craft, when in reality it is crafty. A revolution is taking place in America to conquer industrialized food and in its place promote the fresh and local ingredients. However strong the revolutionary rhetoric is, the war between us and them, we all eventually fall prey to the temptation to support mass produced food. The third…

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  • Healthy Food: The Benefits Of Junk Food

    only buy lean, fresh, no calories added ice cubes, but average people have to have at least some junk food in their life. Healthy food can never get out of hand and cause problems, it will always be beneficial, however, junk food can lead to many different health issues and can get out of hand quickly. Yes, junk food is bad however, do i have enough willpower to eat healthy? If more people would choose healthy food options on a daily basis, they would be less likely to have temptations from junk…

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