Burials at Woodlawn Cemetery

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  • Madam Jj Walker Biography

    lynched, which was the main reason she supported anti lynching laws and gave to the National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The Walker family gave to many charities from religious to civil rights organizations. Walker had a very fast paced life so much to the point it caused her, her own life. Walker's doctors warned her about her fast pace lifestyle and that it was going to catch up with her but she didn’t listen. May 25, 1919 being only 51 year old, she died of hypertension, which, is high blood pressure. Her funeral was at Mother Zion African Methodist Episcoal Zion Church in New York City. Mary McLeod Bethune, who was an African-American educator delivered a tribute to Walker. Walker was then buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. After Walker passed away, her daughter Lelia took on her mother's role of being president of Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company. Her famous legacy still lives on till this very day. Madam C.J. Walker still is, known as a legend. Her invention of the hot comb helped African-American woman go from their naturally curly hair to straight hair. By her creating products that were designed exactly for African-American hair, she brought awareness of the fact that not all hair is the same. She made African-American woman lives easier since they weren’t limited to the options for hair care. Madam C.J. Walker has truly left her mark in history.…

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  • The Rural Cemetery Movement

    The Rural Cemetery Movement With rapidly growing urban populations in the mid-1800’s, it was important to develop healthy, green, spaces for city dwellers. The Rural Cemetery Movement encouraged American cities to use cemetery space as multi-functional space for leisure, recreation, environmental preservation, and for healthy burial practices (Lundgren). "In a country sorely lacking in public green spaces, these cemeteries provided these graceful, elegant places…They were all around…

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