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  • Sandy Hook Shooting Theory

    breakfast, got them dressed and packed them into the mini-van to go to school. Once, they got to school they stated their day like any other. Meet their friends in the halls and walked to class. Neither the parents nor, teachers, nor kids believed that today would be unlike any other. As those kids said goodbye to their parents none of them thought it would be the last time they would ever see them. Maybe because it wasn 't. Sandy Hook was named one of the deadliest mass shootings that have taken place within the last 50 years.…

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  • Elizabeth Smart My Story Analysis

    Before we are born we are carried within our mothers for nine months, then we are born into this crazy and sometimes evil world.No matter what happens though we must fight to do what we believe to be right. Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped and held for nine months, and in some ways she was reborn. Elizabeth Smart was only 14 years old when she was kidnapped from her bedroom in the middle of the night on June 4, 2002. She endured all kinds of abuse and degrading acts at the hands of her kidnappers,…

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  • Elizabeth Smart Research Paper

    On June 5, 2002, Elizabeth Smart said, “Goodnight” to her family and rested her head on her pillow. Just a few hours later, Smart would wake up with a cold knife on her throat and a stranger standing above her. As she was dragged out of bed and down the hallway of her two- story home, she internally screamed and pleaded for someone to save her. Just when she thought she would actually scream, her captor, Brian David Mitchell, bent over and whispered in her ear. “If you make a sound, if you do…

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  • Nine Month Kidnapping In Elizabeth Smart's My Story

    In the book, My Story, fourteen girl old girl, Elizabeth Smart, tells the story of her nine month kidnapping. Through those nine months she experienced an unreal amount of torture and she shares the intimate details of those excruciating events. Elizabeth Smart was known as kind, respectful, and shy. She started playing the harp when she was young and loved it so she played local weddings, funerals, and recitals. She also ran cross country at her high school, Bryant Intermediate School.…

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  • Family History: A Brief Story Of A Tragedy

    2012 in Newton, Connecticut evil won. Twenty children were fatally shot all between the ages of six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Prior to the shooting Adam Lanza, the shooter, shot and killed his mother in their own home. One can ask themselves countless times, what kind of person would do such a thing but then you realize no matter what you will never find an answer. Grief arises when you realize how many lives were affected by this…

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  • Sandy Case Study

    Sandy’s Background Sandy is currently 17 years of age, which is around the average peak offending age for males within Scotland. Sandy has resided his whole life on the notoriously deprived council estate: Ferguslie Park, Paisley. This small area boarding Glasgow has been identified by The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (2016) as being the area with the greatest level of deprivation within Scotland, exceeding with soaring unemployment levels, low incomes, low levels of skills,…

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  • Sandy Beach Romanticism

    The deep hues of the purple sky faded to a blinding orange. Only half of the setting sun could be seen above the dark and seemingly bottomless aphotic ocean. The light from the sun sent a sharp line down the calm ocean waters making the sandy beach gleam with the radiance of its color. The unmoving ocean acquired small ripples that soon turned to folding waves. The white froth washed ashore to the sandy beach, leaving only the foam outline of the waves behind as a remembrance of where the…

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  • Sandy Skoglund Essay

    Sandy Skoglund is a contemporary artist who most famous in her photographs and sculptures. Skoglund was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, on September 11, 1946. Her father ran a family gas station, as well as garage.. Her mother, Dorothy, was a nurse. At the age of three Skoglund became ill with the disease polio, a virus that destroys nerve passages between the brain and muscles of the body. The disease paralyzed her left shoulder and weakened her left arm so much that she had to begin using her…

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  • Hurricane Sandy: A Natural Disaster

    Hurricane sandy was one of a natural disaster. It was the most destructive other than Katrina. Many meteorologist say that this was an unpredicted storm, which caused more damage. Sandy killed 285 people in total and 125 in the united states. But that is not as much as how many people katrina killed/injured. Some people were out of power for days and couldn’t get any resources like food and water because of Sandy. What happened first was a wave in the caribbean turned into a tropical storm…

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  • Personal Narrative: Hurricane Sandy

    It was a windy fall evening when I heard the news. The news was that there was going to be a hurricane, Hurricane Sandy. She was given such an innocent name (Sandy). But she was as vicious as they come. I was scared at first, it was going the first hurricane that happened to me. But I told myself to toughen up. I texted my friends to see if they had heard about it. My best friend responded quickly by facetiming me. “Hey Fiona,” I said. “Hey Sarafina,” she responded. I facetimed you to talk…

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