Sandy Hook Shooting Theory

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The Cries that Never Should have Happened, or did they? It was a typical brisk december morning in December back in 2012. Families woke up that morning like any other. The parents, woke their children up, feed them breakfast, got them dressed and packed them into the mini-van to go to school. Once, they got to school they stated their day like any other. Meet their friends in the halls and walked to class. Neither the parents nor, teachers, nor kids believed that today would be unlike any other. As those kids said goodbye to their parents none of them thought it would be the last time they would ever see them. Maybe because it wasn 't.
Sandy Hook was named one of the deadliest mass shootings that have taken place within the last 50 years.
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Unfortunately there is several conspiracies surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting. The one that seemed to be the biggest theories is the government and Obama with the help of the “New World Order” and or the “Illuminati” put this in place to help them get the second amendment revoked from the constitution. It just so happened to take place in the middle of national disputes about gun control. Another, theory that has a large following is that they government has been planning this for years. They picked kids and families that did attend Sandy Hook Elementary but many years ago. This theory continues that the children were actually grown up and they used old family pictures of when they were little. This theory is a little far fetched but you never know in today’s society. By far, the theory that this was all a planned attack to bring more people to accept higher gun control …show more content…
However, I can definitely see how so many people have come to the conclusion that this tragic event may not have occurred. I am in no way trying to discredit all of those families suffering of the lost souls, at all but their are just so many things that don 't make sense to me and I wish I had more answers for the class and myself. I however also believe that these people are crossing way too many lines in order to find the “truth” they believe in. I understand wanting answers for so many odd occurrences that took place. In no way is what Halbig or James Tracy doing and asking of those people is ok on any level. I feel for those that were lost and the family and friends that knew them but way too many things just do not add up. Sandy Hook, real or

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