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  • Madam C. J. Walker Biography

    Well, hello there my name is Sarah Breedlove, but you might know me as Madam C. J. Walker one of the first black females to become a millionaire, at a young age I opened my own factory and a beauty school I also created the world’s first hair-straightening formula aka the hot comb. You’re welcome. Enough of my boring millionaire life, I’ll tell you how I became to be. I was born December 23, 1867, on a plantation in Delta, Louisiana to two former slaves Owen and Minerva, but by the age of seven I became an orphan my mother died in 1874 and my father passed the next year. After they died I was sent to live with my sister, louvinia and her husband, we moved to Vicksburg Mississippi, in 1877, where I picked cotton and did household work. At the ripe age of 14, I…

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  • Madam Jj Walker Biography

    Madam C.I. Walker Imagine waking up one morning and being an African American woman with natural hair. You walk into your bathroom and notice that all of your hair products are empty and that you need to restock. You then grab your keys and head for the nearest Sally Beauty Salon to pick up all of your hair products. The door opens and you are walking down the aisle to find your hair products, but all the products are gone that are designed for your hair. Luckily, that is where Madam C.J.…

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  • The Voyeurs In Virtue Film Analysis

    I believe the blandness of Walker is what makes the film so rich and though provoking, it is what give us access to think the unthough with it. The motif of the bland escapes from theory, it cannot be reduced to a concept, but it is not a mystical idea either; it evokes something common to the arts and have been acknowledge by the three schools of thought in China (Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism) (Jullien 23). This elusiveness is present in the film; the rhythm of Walker and its main…

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  • Identity In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    Alice Walker is a very influential Pulitzer Prize winning writer, African-American novelist, and social activist who is most notably famous for her authoring of “The Color Purple.” She was born in 1944, just about decade before the civil rights movement, in Eatonton, Georgia to sharecropper parents and is the youngest of eight children. In 1973, during part of a period of discovery where she embarked on exploring writing in all its forms, Walker published the short story collection In Love and…

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  • Literary Analysis Essay On Heritage

    start over. What’s good for one person may not be good for another even within the same family. In 1973, Alice Walker who is a novelist, short story writer, poet and a political activist, wrote “Everyday Use”. “Everyday Use” is a short story that follows two sisters, Maggie and Dee, who live with their mother in the deep south. Maggie is shy and humble and embraces her African-American culture and heritage while her other sister Dee has a problem accepting their culture and heritage. There…

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  • The Short Story 'Every Use' By Alice Walker

    “How much of life is a matter of perspective” (Walker). Alice Walker is a very well- known short story writer, novelist, poetic, second-wave feminist, civil rights activist and children’s book author. One of her most influential novels was the Color Purple, which turned into a motion picture in the early 1980’s. She is the only African American women to win the American Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. Alice Malsenior Walker was the youngest of eight children, born in 1944 to sharecroppers in…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Color Purple And Everyday Use

    Everyday Use captures the denial of heritage and taking advantage of her mother through the eldest daughter who renamed herself to a more African sounding name and then tries to take anything she pleases only to have a hissy fit when her mother finally gets the confidence to say no to her. Alice Walker takes two completely different people and shows how even though their situations may not be the same as one is dealing with her eldest daughter and the other an abusive husband both stories…

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  • Cupping Student Debt Summary

    Cupping Student Debt In this cartoon, Joe Heller illustrates the feelings that every student has in relation to students loans. Heller’s purpose in this cartoon is to draw attention to the enormity and un-manageable amount of debt they acquire over the course of their college career. He uses a combination of wording, design and symbolism in order to effectively empathize with the struggle that every college student experiences, drawing the conclusion that college is too expensive, forcing…

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  • Compare And Contrast Womanism In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    Author Alice Walker, American author and feminist; or perhaps better known as a ‘womanist’, portrayed the varying aspects of her own life through the characters she detailed in “Everyday Use”. It can be argued that each character represents a different time in her life. At a young age she was timid and self conscious similar to Maggie, which she then divests as she becomes a confident young woman like Dee. Walker shared an odd, fragmented relationship with her own daughter, almost parallel to…

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  • Analysis Of The Woman's Rose

    BOOK REPORTS The woman’s rose – Olive Schreiner. The narrator of the woman’s rose starts by describing the content of a wooden box which has been kept with special care over the years. This box is special because it contains a rose which is unique. Among the rose once belonged some other flowers but none are as important as the rose which resisted the test of time. The narrator moves on by describing the story behind her rose. When she was still fifteen, she visited a village where single men…

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