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  • Nathaniel Hawthorne Research Paper

    On Wednesday, 09/07/2016, at approximately 1030 hours, I, Deputy Stacy Stark #1815 was dispatched to speak with a victim of a domestic battery at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The victim’s name was Brittany M. Hawthorne (F/W, DOB: 12/27/1984). The domestic battery occurred at 173 Mc Dowell Rd. Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois. Hawthorne reported the domestic battery occurred over a course of 4 days. The incident started on Saturday, 09/03/2016. The suspect, Donald J. Moutria (M/W, DOB: 07/07/1987), Tyrone C. Webb (M/B, DOB: 04/27/1980), Krista M. Parola (F/W, DOB: 03/24/1986) and Hawthorne were partying at Webb’s residence located at 173 McDowell Rd. Murphysboro, Illinois. Moutria and Hawthorne were dating and Webb and Parola were dating. Hawthorne and Parola were not consuming any alcohol or drugs, but Moutria and Webb were under the influence of methamphetamine. Hawthorne said that Webb had possession of approximately 7 to 8 grams of methamphetamine.…

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of Bull Run

    were so naïve in regards to the effects a battle would bring, to the point that “innumerable civilians…followed the Union Army…to watch what everyone thought would be the climactic battle of a short rebellion”, disregarding the consequences the battle will have on them being so close to the battlefield. There was also the belief that the war would be over quick, one of the biggest issues leading to the loss of the battle was that, even though the Union volunteers surpassed the amount requested…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Edward R. Murrow

    Speech #1 Edward R. Murrow, a CBS reporter and war correspondent delivered a report from Buchenwald, Germany on April 16, 1945. He delivered this dialect upon seeing the atrocities committed by the Germans towards the Jews. He addresses the American people, describing the scene he had witnessed at this labor camp, which he found the scene to be so unbelievable that he is rendered speechless many times through out his speech. Murrow’s outrage is so apparent through-out his account, that it is…

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  • Personal Narrative: Mcdowell Early College

    more people you saw quitting in defeat. I had never seen so many men crying in pain or fainting from fatigue. I wanted to just give up, but somehow I kept going. After what seemed like forever someone yelled “we’re getting close” but it turned out to be a break in the trees where the light was shining through. This happened a few more times so I blocked everyone out until I heard people yelling ”bear”. I stopped and held my breath while a mother bear and her two cups crossed the trail. This gave…

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  • Analysis Of Soliloquy In Othello

    In Act 2 Scene 3 of William Shakespeare’s play Othello, we hear a soliloquy of Iago. Soliloquies are essential in a play as it is the only time the actor is able to explain their thought process to the audience. In typical soliloquies, the character is not acting for someone else. The character, in essence, is able to portray his/her true self. Through Iago’s soliloquy, the audience is able to hear his malicious intentions. The audience is introduced to his evil mind though his appalling tone,…

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  • Davidson Response To Skepticism Analysis

    Donald Davidson and John McDowell both present responses to skepticism of the external world. Skepticism of the external world arises from the realization that our perceptions are fallible and that there is no real justification for believing that an external world exists over believing that we are all just in a dream. Davidson presents a coherence theory as a response to skepticism, stating that a belief about the external world, in this case, is most likely true if it is not contradictory with…

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  • Professional Ethics: An Analysis

    Many argue whether or not the teaching of professional ethics actually makes an impact on professionals today. Banks McDowell explains in his article that due to a consistently growing lapse in moral integrity, caused by market pressure and the growing bureaucratic system in professional work, the increased teaching of professional ethics is in fact futile due to the overwhelming pressure placed on people and business in this system. In this paper I will be evaluating the statement made by Banks…

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  • The Empty Tomb In The Gospel Of Jesus

    Jesus our Lord?” (New King James Version). And in 1 Corinthians 15:8, “Last of all he appeared to me also.” What is also very interesting is that all of the disciples tell the same story of the resurrection, the same gospel. They could have easily changed parts of it to fit their needs, but they all stick to the same story which creates credibility. There is also a lot of speculation about Jesus’ appearance to 500 people after he was resurrected. Some ask “Where would this take place to fit so…

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  • New Evidence That Demands A Verdict Analysis

    * New Evidence That Demands a Verdict — named one the twentieth century’s top 40 books and one of the thirteen most influential books of the last 50 years on Christian thought by World Magazine. * I did my research from the book, New Evidence That Demands a Verdict. This book is separated into four parts and I focused on Part 1: The Case for the Bible. Slide 7: * In New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Josh McDowell expresses his reasoning for the truth in Christianity through his…

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  • Hegel Self-Consciousness Analysis

    observed in its traditional interpretations. After all, ‘Self-consciousness achieves its satisfaction only in another self-consciousness’ (M175). McDowell provided an interpretation that did not change the topic from Consciousness to Self-Consciousness (Pippin 2010:14). McDowell claims that Hegel would be to give an externalist account of knowledge which does not adhere to the Myth of the Given nor coherentism (Sachs 2015). One must demonstrate the right ‘equipoise’ to be able to produce such…

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