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  • Pretty Boy Floyd Research Paper

    cousion.”..... Charles Arthur “pretty boy” Floyd was a criminal who was always on the run. Charles Floyd and Antigone are alike because they both disobeyed laws for a cause they believed in. Antigone buried her brother because she thought it was the right thing to do, and Pretty boy stole from banks and gave back to the poor because the banks were stealing from the poor from the start. (Pretty Boy Floyd) He lived in the early 1900’s, during the great depression and the dust bowl. It was hard to make a steady paycheck because it would vary each day. Right when he was born his family moved to Oklahoma from Georgia. A little after being married his wife and HImself moved to St. Louis Missouri. After HIs father's death he soon moved to east liverpool Ohio. After that he went to Kansas City to hook up with another criminal (“Pretty Boy Floyd”).My person is Charles Arthur FLoyd he was a bank robber who wanted to give back to the poor. He was born and raised a poor boy and he always watched the rich take from the poor. The banks would send out loans that they knew the person could not pay back. Then they would ask for the pay back and once they couldn't pay it back they would take their house away. He would rob the banks and take the money and give back to his family and friends who needed it (“Pretty Boy Floyd”). His father was killed over an argument. He robbed so many banks in Oklahoma the insurances rates almost doubled (“Pretty Boy Floyd”) He was Protesting because he did…

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  • Liverpool Research Paper

    In my temporary Liverpool home I am striving to write a good story, even knowing that to begin with an ‘I’ might not be a good idea to some degree. It would be a cliché to keep on talking about how great The Beatles and the football atmosphere are but, except for the experience as a typical tourist, I would be more likely to share my feelings about this city based on my daily life. Liverpool is a city with stunning views. I am impressed with the waterfront and especially obsessed with watching…

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  • Analysis Of The Hillsborough Disaster Of 1984

    Unfortunately for the families, the coroner excluded all evidence collected after 3:15pm, combined with the fact that many official statements given by police working that day had been altered to paint the police in a more positive light, resulted in every death being ruled as accidental . With no one to officially blame for the deaths, the public remained convinced that the drunkenness of the Liverpool fans had been the primary cause of the…

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  • The Non-Consequentialist Perspective Of The Hillsborough Incident

    rationalisation of actions; rather than goals achieved. Since Kant’s theory emphasises rationalisation, in regards to Police the attention would be on Chief Superintendent Duckenfield, the match commander on the day of the Hillsborough disaster. Duckenfield, a rational person, made the decision to open the gate to the terraces, which led to the incident and then constructed the myth that a drunken mob of Liverpool supporters charged the gate, forcing it open. Police propagated this fallacy,…

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  • Effects Of Imperialism In East Asia

    East Asia in the 19th to the early 20th century was a time period of change, new approaches and constant pressures. After a lengthy era of isolationism East Asia was experiencing pressure from outside forces. The West approached with strong intentions and new ideas and unique cultural traditions. The Eastern Asian countries were finding themselves behind in advances in several different realms, such as, the military and in technology. Japan and China were suffering under the pressures to…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Maritime Security Issues

    Currently, maritime security issues are an ongoing topic of discussion in East and South East Asia. Westerners who are unfamiliar with the problem, oftentimes wonder why these is so much animosity between countries such as China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula over “islands”. The Senkaku/Diaoyu island dispute between China and Japan is perhaps the most well known, while the Tsushima/Daemado island dispute between Japan and the Korean peninsula is a close second. The island disputes in the South…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Greek And Mongols

    The Greek Empire spread across three continents and facilitated trade throughout. This time even birthed what was known as the “Silk-Road”. This “Silk Road” was the route that the Greeks and other Europeans used to trade with the “Near East” (present day Middle East), and the East . The Mongols also facilitated trade in a major way. They were one of the first civilizations to encourage trade with China on a massive scale . Although the Mongols made trade with China easier, they also lead to the…

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  • Psychological Impacts Of Psychological Warfare

    policy writes that “The ultimate proof of generalship… is the ability to defeat an opponent without fighting.” This was done long before the advancement of technological advancements by attacking an enemy’s psychological will to resist. Today China attempts to mold perceptions worldwide. The political warfare has massive potential “to constrain and restrict an opponent’s ability to wage war.” This can be accomplished through various means. Recent sanctions are evidence of the principle in…

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  • Causes Of Migration Crisis

    Today, there are a large number of foreign people fleeing their country of origins to arrive into first world nations such as the United States and Western Europe. The news has been publishing a “migration crisis”, which is many people from the middle east and other unstable countries -e.g. Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Eritrea etc.- and arriving in western Europe in almost millions each month and thousands each day. The reason for that is because their country of origins are not safe places to live…

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  • Ulrich Plenzdorf's The New Sufferings Of Young W

    Sufferings of Young W. by Ulrich Plenzdorf the reader is presented with a complex character by the name of Edgar Wibeau. Edgar is a very abstract individual who has decided that the strict life he was thrust into by both his mother, and having to live in a boring town in East Germany has placed upon him were not in his future plans. After coming to this realization due to a work related incident, he packs up the belongings he finds most important to him and moves to Berlin. During his time in…

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