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  • Scarlet Jones Monologue

    back on Mr.Stierwalt was standing in the doorway with a twisted smile then boom another blackout and all you could hear was the screams of the women. The lights turned back on a loud bang came from the kitchen everyone looked at the cook who had dropped a tray of food “what's wrong” asked Reverend Isabella all Mr.Cook could do is shake “well, spit it out” asserted Colonel Skaggs and all Mr.Cook did was point a shaky finger at the ground we all immediately looked down to see Mr.Stierwalt laying on the ground with a knife stabbed into his back which earned an immediate scream from Ms.White as she walked into the room. How is the only word any of us can think of saying. Scarlet Jones speaks up and say what were all think how and who killed Mr.Stierwalt in four seconds and go unseen and unheard. We all go into the library and I put a blanket over Mr.Stierwalt’s dead body. Once I entered the library I saw Scarlet and Professor whispering, Conole was just sitting there and Mr.Cook , Ms.White, and Reverend Isabella were on the ground praying and bowing to the giant cross in Mr.Stierwalts library. Scarlet out of nowhere jumped up and said Mr.cook did it which totally shocked me. Professor then says “ me and Scarlet have been talking and we think Mr.Cook did it because you always have access to the knives and you were right behind him“ Mr.Cook just ran out screaming no into the kitchen and then blackout. We heard a scream followed by a bang we all then rush into kitchen to see…

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  • Ethnography Case Blackout

    Never thought we would be operating as far as the West Coast United States,” commented Victor Malinski, who was busy at work alongside Schäffer and the other FVL leaders, double checking the amount of equipment that had been allocated to them for their Sunday Morning Special, Fall Verdunkeln (Case Blackout), in the form of “Requisition Credits.” They had already arrived at their secret hideout on the night of the 1st of May. More from within the ranks of their respective RGA groups are expected…

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  • 1977 Blackout Riot Analysis

    Regardless of the nature of a riot, a riot is inexcusable. The citizens in the video did however claim to have a reason. They said it was political. Constant years of neglect along with barely having enough to survive. Regardless of the situation I feel that the people are optimistic and took advantage of a bad situation. In both situations, social deprivation, injustice or blackout, looting was not the means to the issue that was present. In looting they took advantage of the situation. Yes, it…

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  • Blackout Caurtain Research Paper

    How to choose the right fabric for blackout curtains? The choice of fabric for your blackout curtains depends not only on your personal taste from the room where the curtains are attached. In bedroom curtains should usually be opaque and darken the room if required. For dense cottons come into question. For the kitchen an easy care fabric that can be washed regularly is recommended. Curtains for the bathroom are partly made of washable fabric, so that they can not touch the moisture. In the…

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  • Summary Of The Book 'Ecumenical Blackout'

    (E)- We acquire information that a series of concussions has caused an ecumenical blackout, that the son was born after the blackout, that the boy's mother committed suicide shortly after, and that the father, who is sick and has a gun with only two bullets, wants to peregrinate southwest alongside the road headed for the ocean. The novel begins in media res, so most of this exposition comes in chunks of flashbacks strewn randomly throughout the novel. (RA)- we learn that cannibals and bands…

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  • Blackout Character Analysis Essay

    Blackout The character I dislike the most in my book Blackout is Alec. I dislike him for many reasons some being he messes with people’s mind and he can get away with anything. Another reason is that he is the leader of a terrorist group and tries to bring carnage to America. The final reason is that Alec is one of those leaders that doesn’t care for anyone else but himself. The first reason I dislike him is because he screws up people brains. He implants memories that they didn’t have before…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Information Blackout

    The information blackout was about as hard as I expected. I chose the day carefully so that I would have fewer issues than if I had, say, been out and about all day. Mother’s day was Sunday night and my mom, sisters, and I had a nice relaxed night in listening to music, making dinner, and hanging out by the fire. The hardest part was not being able to look up song lyrics, which occasionally we wanted to know. I did not force my family to join me in my project. If they wanted to look up the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Blackout Journey

    My blackout journey was emotionally prolonged because I thought I was going to die. My entire life is me using electronic media, with the exception of when I’m sleeping. Only being able to use my laptop for homework and nothing else, felt like I was going to break into a million pieces. I started my journey on Friday, May 20th through Saturday, May 21st. Little did I know, this was going to be harder than I expected. On the first day, when I woke up that morning, I was not excited. My first…

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  • Blackout: Remembering The Things I Drank To Forget

    Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget is a personal memoir by Sarah Hepola. The author opens the book with a monumental scene in her life that really sticks out to her and her journey of alcohol dependency and self- discovery. She just briefly touches on the subject but then transports the reader back to the beginning of her life. She explains her childhood, her upbringing, and what she suspects to be the beginning of her addiction to alcohol. She grew up in a small town in Dallas,…

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  • African-American Blackout Riots Of 1963

    May 1, 1970, in the afternoon, students were gathered around the Victory Bell and students, some were history students and they were organizing a protest, which they say that they had been murdered when the troops were sent somewhere without a declaration by the congress. More than 2 hours, President Nixon made his announcement and more than 200 people were gathered to hear African-American speak. At night, students were gathered around at the Kent in an area with the number of bars known as…

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