Pentathlon Translations

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In this chapter I will first use the five different aspects from Peter Low’s Pentathlon Principle to analyze the translations. Thus, firstly I will be analyzing the musical features of the translations; the rhyme, rhythm, naturalness, sense and singability. Lastly, I will analyze the translations according to Johan Franzon’s three aspects of music translation, and I will analyze whether there has been used re-creation, hook-translation or reverent translation in the translations and which method in mainly used.

4.1 Rhythm

In this section I will be analyzing how the translated song lyrics have preserved the rhythm of the original song. The main analysis is done by using syllable count. Syllable is a part of
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I will then compare the syllable count of the translated texts to the original song lyrics to examine how closely related the syllable count is in the translations and the original song. In order to further examine the rhythm, I will examine the use of long vowels in the original song compared to the translated text to see whether the use of long vowels in the translations matches with the original song. Also I will look more closely to those songs that have distinctly different syllable count compared to the original, to see whether the translations have substituted the missing syllables with the use of long …show more content…
An excerpt from the beginning of the song Love is an open door. The song is a duet between Princess Anna [A:] and Prince Hans [H:]. When they sing together, it is marked as [B:], which stands for both

Love is an open door –original lyrics Subtitles Dub: Ovi nyt auki on O S D
[A:] All my life has been a series of doors in my face
And then suddenly I bump into you [A:] Ovet edessäni aina Ovat kiinni menneet niin
Ja nyt oot sinä Edeissäin mun [A:] Ovet elämäni lukossa olleet on vaan Mut sit satuinkin sut mä tapaamaan 13

10 15

9 13

[H:] I've been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it's the party talking or the chocolate fondue [H:] Elämäni etsinyt Lien paikkaa itsellein Nyt johtuuko se tästä Vaiko vain suklaasta [H:] Maailmasta rakkautta mä oon etsinyt
Tai ehkä juhlamieli hurmaa tai huumaa suklaa 12

15 13

13 12

[A: & H:] But with you
[H:] I found my place [A:] I see your face [A: & H:] Kanssa sun
[H:] Paikkani löysin [A:] Kasvosi näen [A: & H:] Kanssas sun
[H:] Mä tiedän sen [A:] Sen tietäen 3
4 4

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