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  • Slavery In Escambia County

    stated that free blacks were prevented from owning or carrying firearms or other military weaponry in Florida with the exception of Pensacola and St Augustine where free blacks could posses’ weapons that fell in accordance with the cities own guidelines. Both Pensacola and St Augustine were also the only cities in the Florida territory to allow slaves to buy their freedom from there masters without there masters having to incur a fifty-dollar fee from the governing county. Later in the article Ruth Barr and Modeste reference an 1851 Tallahassee newspaper which mentioned a Virginia and Alabama proposition which would make the settlement of free blacks in there repective states illegal. Unlike the neighboring regions, Escambia County in particular was still experiencing a high functioning relationship between the white and free black citizens in…

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  • Roman Tuscan Architecture Analysis

    The gallery has since used small fees to enter exhibits and allowed the purchase of art at reasonable prices to sustain the basic cost involved in running the building. Since its opening, the gallery has turned into a major center for public enjoyment and the spread of artistic ideas. On the third Friday of every month the gallery also opens up for free to public because the local Pensacola event, Gallery night. This use of building coincides with the use of Roman architecture albeit in a…

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  • Pensacola Reflection

    Today I presented my untitled poem to the class. My poem was about my life here in Pensacola and some of my opinions on staying here and leaving. I really didn’t have any major inspiration to the poem besides the fact that I have been watching a ton of college move in videos on youtube. I always say things like “I hate Pensacola” or “there’s nothing to do here” (which I still agree with) and “I can’t wait until I leave”, but honestly, I can wait. I can wait forever. Pensacola is my home, no…

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  • Red Snapper Industry Analysis

    Red Snapper Industry of Pensacola Critical to understanding the eventual development of the fishing industry in Pensacola is recognizing the city’s geographical location and land features. In Hawkshaw: Prehistory and History in an Urban Neighborhood in Pensacola, Florida, the environmental setting is laid bare. A major land shaping force in the area is the Gulf of Mexico. During the Pleistocene Era, the sea level was 300 feet lower than it is today due to “glacial episodes.” Due to the low sea…

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  • How Did Ted Bundy Impact Society

    Ted Bundy states to the Pensacola police, “I’m the most cold-blooded son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.” Bundy gives a perfect description of himself after being convicted and taken into custody by the Pensacola Police Department. Bundy was very open about the thirty killings he convicted, and he offered the Pensacola police officers details about these killings that forever changed the lives of the very frightened and disturbed American people Bundy, above all, did not want to be caught, ever.…

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  • Lisfranc Injuries

    injury. The top of the foot may be painful and appear swollen. Increased pain while walking or standing: This pain may be severe enough to require crutches. The Importance of a Proper Diagnosis Frequently, a Lisfranc injury is mistaken for a sprain, especially when the injury results from a twist and fall. However, unlike a simple sprain a Lisfranc joint injury can take months to heal: Furthermore, depending on the severity of the injury, it may require surgical intervention. For this…

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  • Covenant Hospice Reflective Report

    I was privileged to satisfy my required hours for my Introductory to Pharmacy Practice Experience class at Covenant Hospice in Pensacola, Florida. I was under the direct supervision of Ms. Suzanne Kelley, who serves as the consultant pharmacist. Covenant Hospice, formerly known as Hospice of Northwest Florida, was founded in 1980 by a committee of representatives from area hospitals in Pensacola. Covenant Hospice is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate…

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  • Technology Around The World

    Technology has shaped the way people see things all around the world . The new technological advances that have appeared in the past decade have given people more ways of communication, potential for learning experiences, and much more ways to access the World Wide Web. It’s important for schools across the world to take advantage of these new resources and learn as much as they possibly can about them. To influence any kind of change in the way people learn things, one must find a starting…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Family Trip To Destin, Florida

    We went on our first family vacation! We went to Destin, Florida and to Pensacola, Florida. It was so amazing! All we did was relax the entire weekend. The best part about it was that the trip was very spur of the moment. We did not Plan for it at all. How cool is that? I never just get up and go so to us getting up and just going on our trip was very adventurous to us. I packed us up a few belongings around 9:30 on a Friday night and we were on our way to Florida. The Kids were so excited about…

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  • Alexandra Cousteau Film Analysis

    Cassie which are the water advocates for Pensacola and Alabama. Her thesis statement “origins of her grandpa and discovering what's underneath the surface” the speaker really did not have preview points, but she had everything in chronological order she started off talking about her grandpa and how he helped her, scuba diver and how he influenced her life and how her grandpa used to use bell jar to film and how it would take him weeks to see what was on the film and edit it and then go back and…

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