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  • Lisfranc Injuries

    It is possible to dislocate the bones within the midfoot joint complex (aka Lisfranc joint) of the foot: This joint complex consists of the ligaments and bones that connect the forefoot to the midfoot. Lisfranc injuries include strains and tears to the ligament itself in addition to bone dislocations and fractures. The Role of the Midfoot As an individual walks, the midfoot is responsible for transferring the forces that the calf muscles generate to the front of the foot. Furthermore, the…

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  • Technology Around The World

    Wide Web. It’s important for schools across the world to take advantage of these new resources and learn as much as they possibly can about them. To influence any kind of change in the way people learn things, one must find a starting place. At Pensacola State College, it’s time to renew the outdated technology across campus and start encouraging students to use the technology available. With this change, students and teachers at PSC will become more familiar with the technology, be able…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Family Trip To Destin, Florida

    We went on our first family vacation! We went to Destin, Florida and to Pensacola, Florida. It was so amazing! All we did was relax the entire weekend. The best part about it was that the trip was very spur of the moment. We did not Plan for it at all. How cool is that? I never just get up and go so to us getting up and just going on our trip was very adventurous to us. I packed us up a few belongings around 9:30 on a Friday night and we were on our way to Florida. The Kids were so excited about…

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  • Alexandra Cousteau Film Analysis

    Alexandra Cousteau is a filmmaker that works with National Geographic. She is recognized for being an advocate of water issues and continuing her grandfather’s work. The speech was held at WSRE Jean and Paul Amos Performance Studio and was sponsored by WSRE Public Square Speakers Series. The studio was like a movie theater with seats going all the way up with the Middle Island where the audio in the camera was. The stage had a red rectangle in the middle and a podium off to the right with a big…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Vacation

    We went to Pensacola mainly for vacation, but also because it’s one part of where my mom’s parents used to live. Pensacola was probably the best stop of the whole trip because it was dedicated to vacation and relaxing. The first thing we did when we got there, of course, was go to the beach and go swimming. I didn’t…

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  • Letters From The Future Research Paper

    A Letter from the Future Dear younger Kelsey, happy thirteenth birthday! How does it feel to finally be a teenager? I’m sure that you are more than excited to begin this new chapter in your life. As a present to you, and or myself, I figured you could give you a heads up as far as what to expect for the next five years of your life. Throughout your adolescence you go through high school, achieve many personal goals, and even begin your college journey! On your first day of…

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  • My Strengths And Weaknesses In My Career Path

    didn’t want me to leave during the holidays. I had another chance to go face-to-face in July 2017, however, I still had the opportunity to study online so I chose not to go. I currently live with my parents, as money is tight, over 1000 miles from Pensacola in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I’ve lived here in Maryland since December 6, 2016, and I immediately started on my Bachelor’s degree, going to online school with the University of Maryland University College, or UMUC, and I’m still here…

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  • A Comparison Of The JC Second Person Personal Pronoun

    mean? / “Do you know what I mean?” /yu mussi born back a cow/ “You 're an idiot” (Pensacola Studio, 2014) /yu di ' guh work todeh? / “You went to work today?” Pl. Sub. /unu di ' hear di school bell? / “You heard the school bell?” (Jamaicansinting, 2012) Sing. Obj. /mi lob yu/ “I love you” (Wells, 1973) /me good yu know, but look “I’m Great, but not as good as you” At yu, di better one/ (Pensacola Studio, 2014) /ow yu do? / “How are you?” (Sevy, 2014) Pl. Obj. / Tap unu…

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  • Essay On The First Seminole War

    given a punishment of fifty lashes and one year of labor. On April of 1818 Ambrister fell before a firing squad and Arbuthnot was hanged from a ship 's yardarm. When Jackson heard that Indians were being supplied by the Spaniards, he marched to Pensacola and reached on May 23. The Americans attacked at night, and in the end the Spanish governor accepted Jackson’s terms and for Jackson the war was…

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  • My Characteristics, Hobbies, And Future Goals In My Life

    goal is to earn a degree in nursing or radiology. All of this is what I am talented in, all of my hobbies and my future plan. My name is Alvin Swell. I spent the first years of my life in Pensacola, Florida. I was raised by a single parent, my Mom, and learned a lot about independence and women’s rights. Pensacola is a Navy town and she worked at the base. She would invite Navy people to our home during the holidays which taught me a lot about diversity. I learned a lot about from the people…

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