Covenant Hospice Reflective Report

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I was privileged to satisfy my required hours for my Introductory to Pharmacy Practice Experience class at Covenant Hospice in Pensacola, Florida. I was under the direct supervision of Ms. Suzanne Kelley, who serves as the consultant pharmacist. Covenant Hospice, formerly known as Hospice of Northwest Florida, was founded in 1980 by a committee of representatives from area hospitals in Pensacola. Covenant Hospice is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate services to patients and their loved ones during times of life-limiting illnesses. Covenant Hospice is widely recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive hospices in the nation. The vision of this organization is excellence in compassionate care for all people. Jeffrey M. Mislevy serves as President and CEO for Covenant. Covenant Hospice serves patients in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and at their homes. In addition to serving these patients, Covenant Hospice owns three inpatient care facilities. The Joyce Goldenberg Hospice Inpatient Residence was opened in 1992 and is located in Pensacola. Covenant Hospice has two Inpatient and Palliative Care Centers. One facility was opened in 2005 is located at the West Florida …show more content…
Kelley had a meeting with other health professionals at Covenant Hospice and allowed us to sit in on the meeting. In the meeting, Ms. Kelley informed the group of professionals about what she was doing as far as medication therapy management. After a patient is diagnosed, she reviews their chart to decide whether that patient should be administered a ComfortPak. A ComfortPak is a box of commonly used medications to manage urgent symptoms and it should be taken as prescribed. In my Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience class, we discussed how optimizing therapeutic outcomes through improved medication use is a part of medication therapy management. I was able to clearly identify this type of management

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