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  • Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Case Study

    A1. Description of the Organization For my organization, I have chosen Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group, or SHMOG. Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group (SHMOG) is a hospital-based outpatient facility of Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, FL. Known as the Sacred Heart Cancer Center; SHMOG has become a highly recognized and respected facility along the Gulf Coast for Oncology and Hematology care. Our professional employees include eleven oncologists, two surgical gynecological oncologists, one…

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  • Jim Morrison Research Paper

    with his father. When Jim’s sister, Anne Morrison was born, the little time with his father was cut in half, only adding to Jim’s eventual rebellion form his family. In addition Jim never truly had a place to call home, as an infant he lived in Pensacola, Florida briefly, then until he was three he lived with his mother and grandparents in Clearwater, Florida until after his father returned from the war in mid-1946, when the Morrison’s moved to Washington, D.C. for about six months, then to…

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  • Drinking Water Case Study

    chemicals added to provide disinfection. Also regulation for the labelling requirements to let the consumer know about the contents of the bottled water.  Foote, Marina Leigh (2011), “Examining Reasons for Bottled Water Consumption: A Case Study in Pensacola, Florida”, reveals some important challenges associated with the consumption of the bottled water that over consumption leads to irreparable damage to the environment. Depletion of ground water sources and other sources as well is a cause…

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  • Andrew Jackson Struggles

    Andrew Jackson was an important figure in American history. Andrew Jackson went through many struggles including the British army and his family’s poverty in his early life. After working very hard Andrew Jackson finally reached his goal of becoming president. It all started when Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767. His parents were Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson. Sadly his dad died three weeks before he was born. He was only twenty- nine years old. This is how Andrew Jackson…

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  • Should Gays Be Allowed In The Military

    Briana Phillips Keith Payne Honors Civics & Economics November 23, 2015 Should Gays Be Allowed To Openly Serve in The U.S. Military? Gays have been fighting for their equal rights since the beginning of time. People seem to always have a problem with homosexuals serving our U.S. military whether they are Christian or Atheist, although they do not seem to care as long as they don’t know about the person’s sexual preference. People are going to want to serve their country no matter their sexual…

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  • American Civil War Summary

    In the article he gives us a run down on how Bragg took Pensacola, Florida, similar to what happened to Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Hay's also explains how the strict discipline and holding accountability of his fellow service members led him to be one of the most hated. The article goes on to tell us about…

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  • Summary Of Hill Godspeed

    Hill Godspeed works at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida as a historian. He has written many articles that have been published in scholarly journals such as Naval History, Naval Aviation News, and the Journal of Military History (Balano 217). Clearly, Godspeed is an expert on the topic of naval aviation. I personally chose Hill Godspeed’s article “Doyle’s Dauntless Dory: USS Nassau and the Evolution of Carrier-based Close Air Support” because the topic of close air…

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  • Raising Awareness Of Human Trafficking

    President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery on December 6, 1865, when he ratified the 13th amendment to the Constitution. But today in America and in countries across the world there is a modern-day slavery, human trafficking. The U.S. Department of State began monitoring human trafficking in 1994, it initially happened to focus on the women and girls that were being trafficked for sexual purposes. Since 2001 the U.S Department of Justice has prosecuted 360 defendants. From the 360 defendants,…

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  • Therapeutic Alliance Model: A Case Study

    process. The role of a learner is active and responsible, and forms an alliance with an educator to achieve the goal of self-care. Therapeutic alliance between the learner and presenter is an important component of the behavior change process, because there is a moderate but consistent positive relationship between learner ratings of the therapeutic alliance and outcome (Connors et al., 2016). To maximize learning outcomes in this educational project, the educator implemented the element of the…

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  • Apush Chapter 12 Outline

    Chapter 12 The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge of Nationalism 1812-1824 On to Canada over Land and Lakes The Americans tried to invade Canada from Detroit, Niagara, and Lake Champlain. All were fought off by the Canadians. The Americans then attacked by sea and were more successful. Oliver Hazard Perry: captured a British fleet in Lake Erie. General Harrison's army overtook the British at Detroit and Fort Malden in the Battle of the Thames in October 1813. Thomas Macdonough:…

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