Alexandra Cousteau Film Analysis

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Alexandra Cousteau is a filmmaker that works with National Geographic. She is recognized for being an advocate of water issues and continuing her grandfather’s work. The speech was held at WSRE Jean and Paul Amos Performance Studio and was sponsored by WSRE Public Square Speakers Series. The studio was like a movie theater with seats going all the way up with the Middle Island where the audio in the camera was. The stage had a red rectangle in the middle and a podium off to the right with a big screen in the background. The general purpose of the speech was to give her background and also bring up some of the issues that are plaguing our water systems today. The speaker’s specific purpose was to inform, but hopefully persuade people to take …show more content…
Her thesis statement “origins of her grandpa and discovering what's underneath the surface” the speaker really did not have preview points, but she had everything in chronological order she started off talking about her grandpa and how he helped her, scuba diver and how he influenced her life and how her grandpa used to use bell jar to film and how it would take him weeks to see what was on the film and edit it and then go back and film again. She started talking about how people can use smart phones today and do the same thing her grandpa did in less time almost instantaneous. Then she moved to 2009 when she took off around the world and started filming the global water crisis. In 2010 she started looking at water issues in America and she talked about how they converted a bus into bio diesel. She discussed the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico. Then she used presentation aid that was a short film she made that showed how the Gulf of Mexico was before the oil spill and then

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