Modern Times Clip1 Film Analysis

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In Modern Times clip1, the first factory scene, we can see a lot of interesting film skills, especially the editing makes the movie more interesting by using different tips of editing and helps the audience understand the movie. From Modern Times Charlie Chaplin’s movie, we can see different between upper level and lower level (co-worker) during 1990 Modern Times people’s life. Modern Times portrays filmmaker as a mill-hand used on associate degree production line. There, he 's subjected to such indignities as being force-fed by a "modern" feeding machine associate degreed associate degree fast production line wherever he screws nutty at an ever-increasing rate onto items of machinery. He finally suffers a crack-up and runs amok, throwing the …show more content…
The duty of editor is not just to automatically place items of a movie along, or edit dialogue scenes. As we know editing has a lot of different type of skills that makes move interesting and helps understanding the story. Editing is cut, continuity, cross cutting, dissolve, fade, eye level match, jump cut, and montage. From storyboard Sene1 is full Shot-The subjects take up the full frame of sheep with 45degree downward camera angle when sheep are running towards you and the sheep exit frame and later It is gets overcast and move onto the next scene. Storyboard Sene2 is Medium shots-Shows some part of the subject in more detail while still giving an impression of the whole subject (The crowd walking). Storyboard Sene3 is Very Wide Shot, the subjects are visible (barely), but the emphasis is placing them in the environment. Storyboard Sene4, It is jump cut from the last scene and wide shot- all the worker are now in the factory. Storyboard Sene5 is 45 degree downward high shot and It shows all the background inside of the factory. Storyboard Sene6, is the shot from4 to 6 the camera angle are stay in high angle with wide shot and shows all around the factory. Storyboard Sene7 is change in camera angle to our eye level and one worker walked in to the scene. Storyboard Sene8 is Jump to the dialogue scene and introduce the character. Storyboard Sene9 is 180 degree medium shot and jump cut from shot 8 already introduce this character so audience know who is this character without any narrative sound. Storyboard Scene10 is A&B with Medium eyelevel camera angle. During this scene audience can monitoring boss’s office when he is monitoring the factory. Storyboard Scene11 is 180 degree rule which is showing the space of the conversation scene between boss and worker. In this shot camera tracking the worker. The camera move and Close up when worker controls the machine. From

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