Pensacola Reflection

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Today I presented my untitled poem to the class. My poem was about my life here in Pensacola and some of my opinions on staying here and leaving. I really didn’t have any major inspiration to the poem besides the fact that I have been watching a ton of college move in videos on youtube. I always say things like “I hate Pensacola” or “there’s nothing to do here” (which I still agree with) and “I can’t wait until I leave”, but honestly, I can wait. I can wait forever. Pensacola is my home, no matter how sucky it is, and how many times I drive down the same road, it is still my home. Overall, the inspiration wasn’t anything in particular, but an overwhelming amount of my rambled thoughts put into words. A challenge that I definitely faced was reading slow. …show more content…
I need to work on really pronouncing my words and taking my time with each sentence. If I would have done this, my poem would have been at least a minute long. Another challenge I faced was writing the poem to where my ideas correlated. When writing a poem, so many ideas and thoughts come to my head that it is hard to put them all onto one piece of paper. This poem was a tiny bit jumbled in my opinion, but it made sense to me and most of the people I read it aloud to. If I read this poem with a partner, I feel like I would have done even worse because I would have someone to lean on, which doesn’t always make me feel better. Honestly, it felt awkward to perform my poem live. I know other people in the room felt like that too. I believe poems are just such a private sense of emotion. Even though our project was to read them to the class and we knew that, the class still wrote poems that were personal to them, whether it be racism, anxiety, or slavery. Kudos to the people who read their poems out loud voluntarily for fun, I have no idea how they do

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