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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Cursive Writing

    Cursive writing, good old script penmanship in flowing strokes with the letters joined, is causing an argument whether Common Core curriculum should implement cursive writing. Although California and several other states have been applying the cursive instructions in their curriculum, some states look forward to the collapse of it. As a matter of fact, people nowadays prefer the use of printing style because it is more legible than cursive. Educators acknowledge that cursive writing activates different parts of the brain and also has an effect on improving the academic development. To add new strategies and new skills to the public schools ' standards, the removal of unimportant stuff is necessary; furthermore, it helps free the path and leaves…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cursive Writing

    have need to get work done. The cognitive sensory cortex, when trained and utilized, changes the neurotypical structure that causes us to think in only one way; creating open grounds for adaptions to absorbing more information. People agree that yes, handwriting does matter; but cursive is irrelevant to a child’s education and should not be a priority. I would have to disagree with this statement. Cursive is not only a faster way of writing, it helps creativity develop in the minds of our…

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  • Reflective Essay: What Is Handwriting Matters?

    difficulty and adversity with handwriting skills, it will result in lower grades on writing assignments and papers, and has a negative effect on the quantity and quality of students ' writing, and influences how long students take to complete written assignments (Graham,2016). “Schools have kind of dropped handwriting from their curriculum and I think it might have been jumping the gun a little bit,” she says. “I think it forces us to take a second look at what handwriting might actually be…

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  • Penmanship Debate

    Neyda Borges is the author of “Why The Debate Over Cursive Is About More Than Penmanship”, an online article published in the StateImpact section of the NPR website. In this article, Borges discusses the debate about removing cursive handwriting from a school’s curriculum and whether or not it seems more than it is. She mentions how the real issue is not about teaching penmanship but that different socio-economic statuses affect many students in different ways and widen the “achievement gap.”…

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  • Death In Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'

    In Mexican cultures, November 2nd is “El Dia de los Muertos,” or the Day of the Dead. This celebration lasts a weekend and lets families honor their fallen relatives. The reason I mention the event is because I have always found it ironic that on a day where so many honor their dead mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, I celebrate my birth. In a way, it has actually shaped my beliefs knowing that so many celebrate the afterlife on my birthday. In fact, it humbles me to share a date with this…

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  • Note Taking In College Students

    At most universities, lecture style classrooms are very common (Blankenship, M.W., 2016). A lecture setting is when the educator stands at the front of the class room and does most of the speaking. Sometimes they utilize power points or handouts to help facilitate learning. Comprehending what is taught during lecture is important in academic success. There are many different ways to help improve retention rates, but one common practice used among 99% of college students is note taking (Palmatier…

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  • School Honor System Analysis

    Regulation of certain sites on the schools’ servers will need to be put into place to help keep the students from getting on websites that are not beneficial to their learning. Because it is so easy to share anything using technology cheating could be a huge problem when introducing technology into the school systems. The honor system is not very reliable but many schools use this system. According to Alice Armstrong in “Technology in the Classroom it’s not a matter of ‘If’, but a ‘When’ and…

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  • Adolescent Literacy By Jimmy Santiago Baca And Malcolm X

    drugs when he was in his early twentie and sentenced to prison. He also gave free readings and speeches about his experiences within the country. His story “ A Place to Stand” is about how Baca spent his life in the prison after he was forced to plead guilty of a crime. Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister, public speaker, and human right activist. Malcolm X was implicated in several crimes in Boston and New York when he was young. He was well-known as the one of the most…

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  • Essay On The Role Of Education In Jane Austen's Emma

    from Emma. She will never submit to anything requiring industry and patience and a subjection of the fancy to the understanding.” Another imperative educational skill described in Emma is elegant and graceful penmanship. Excellent penmanship in Emma’s time was something that was both necessary and praised. The reason why is because the only way to send word to someone was through writing a letter, thus good penmanship was a necessity. At a dinner party at Hartfield, a discussion about…

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  • The Importance Of Written Work Process

    To begin with, word processors license adaptable altering of content. Second, the deceivability of the screen and the utilization of a console make composing more open. Third, they give flawless, printed duplicate. Fourth, they change the physical procedure of creating content, supplanting penmanship with writing. At last, word processors are mind boggling instruments that require some learning. That study showed that students use different composing and revising strategies depending on whether…

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