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  • Summary: The Australian Primary Curriculum

    because his mother asked him to do homework. Piaget’s emphasis about the typical of middle childhood is a stage when they become self-seeking more than respondent to people’s views, and they start blaming why they have taken too much things on them due to their logical abilities developing in the concrete operational stage (Markus & Nurius, n.d; Cook & Cook, 2005, pp. 6-19). Therefore, social learning perspective will help children develop their self-control in tolerating any undesired circumstance happens even they are not receiving any reward (Markus & Nurius, n.d), and encouraging children rather to share their internalisation than keep the pressures for themselves (Elkind, 2001, p 142; McLeod, 2013). 2.2.2 Parental hurrying experience The reasons of hurrying parents is happened with three causes, including parental stressed experience, the lonely and who often feels unsafe. Once the stress occupies their mind, they automatically become self-centered and force their children to follow what they want (Elkind, 2001, pp. 145-162). When the children are being hurried by their family they feel so anxious. They start worrying and feel obsessive due to the parent’s controlling. They are hard to avoid the upset and become aggressive to lash out their parents (Bita, 2014). They will have insomnia symptom and gastrointestinal dysfunction if their stress prolongs a long time (Virginia Cooperative extension, 2009; Elkind, 2001, pp. 168-170). An evidence, a real story of an…

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  • The Theme Of Shoes In A Mercy By Toni Morrison

    with the soles of their feet. The younger slaves, Sorrow and Florens are in search for love, insight, and a sense of identity. Sorrow has her imaginary adversary. “Twin and Florens have her shoes, as well as, Lina and the Blacksmith. Lina has learned, in her village, before it was destroyed, wisdom. She found purpose; after all she’d been through, in giving her advice on farming, helping Rebekka (Mistress) with the children, and caring for Florens as if she were her own daughter. Florens…

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  • Describe Me Narrative

    people that have influenced me the most, my family. I was able to bask in my parents’, aunts’, uncles’, grandmas’ and grandpas’ attention and love, but then America happened. My entire life did a complete backflip the moment we landed. At age three, I was already accustomed to the laughter of children as they played soccer on the dirt roads in the neighborhood, the hum of the elderly people chattering away while they sat drinking their coffee on the front porch and my babysitter doing her best…

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  • Vivid Language And Hyperboles In Fast Break

    In “Fast Break” Edward Hirsch dedicated his poem to Dennis Turner. Edward Hirsch did this because Mr. Turner was a really good friend or family member who loved the game of basketball. Mr. Edward Hirsch uses vivid language, and hyperboles in “Fast Break’ to show a hard working team re-bounding the ball and hurrying to score, before time runs out. Throughout “Fast Break” the poet uses hyperboles to make his poem very dramatic. For example, (L.11) “looks stunned and nailed to the floor.” This…

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  • Why We Should Have Seven Class Periods

    St. Labre high school is considering a change in the schedules that we have. They are considering if there should be seven class periods and a longer lunch, but we would take one elective away. If there’s not a change, then we would keep the eight periods and the thirty-minute lunch. My argument is that we should have seven class periods and about an hour long lunch. I believe we should make this change since the extra hour of lunch could benefit the ones who do not eat at lunch. If we do make…

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  • Ap English Literature Themes

    The first major encounter with the theme of guilt is at the beginning of the novel. Dunny and his friend Percy Boyd Staunton, who later becomes Boy Staunton, get into a fight due to Percy’s jealousy over Dunny having a fester sled. Dunny does not want to fight with Percy so he walks away, which only intrigues Percy even more to the point that he follows Dunny and starts throwing snowballs. Both boys are already almost late for dinner so Dunny is hurrying. This is also the time that Amasa and…

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  • My Perspective Analysis

    perspectives that many people don’t have the chance to gather at my age. These unique perspectives came about after multiple trips abroad. At the age of thirteen, my family and I traveled to China. We visited a number of enlightening places including the following: the bustling cities of Shanghai and Xi’an, The Great Wall of China, and the agricultural area near Dongying. These were some of the most memorable experiences of my life. This trip gave me culture shock and a newfound gratitude for…

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  • Clanc Clancy Of The Overflow Analysis

    persona in Clancy of the Overflow contrasts the beautiful bush to the ugly city landscape. Paterson compares the sights, smells, feeling and sounds to show how inferior the city is. In the country side he visions men riding horses on sunlit planes while he is in a dark and dingy office where weak rays of sun barely get in. In the bush he can hear the sound of rivers and the breeze contrasted to buses, trams and distasteful kids. There is just no comparison to the city with something as beautiful…

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  • Childhood Heroes In Abner Packer's The Christmas Memory

    down outside the house and who spent a pleasant hour chatting with us on the porch (young Mr. Wiston snapped our picture, the only one we've ever had taken). Is it because my friend is shy with everyone except strangers that these strangers, and merest acquaintances, seem to us our truest friends?” (Capote 3) This quote is very inspirational because it gives us the sense of longing that Buddy feels toward his friend and role model. This is the last Christmas they spend together. The next year,…

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  • An-Mei Symbolism

    is revealed to the reader that her mother is a “ghost” and An-Mei has only seen her a handful of times in her life. During one of her mother’s impromptu visits, scalding soup is knocked onto An-Mei and because of the severity of the scarring, she almost dies. This scar symbolizes the lasting emotional scar that is left on An-Mei by her mother’s absence, it also serves as a reminder of all the necessary sacrifices and how one must show respect, loyalty, and love for her mother until there is no…

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