Persuasive Essay About Hunting

The Greatness in Hunting
Hunting is one of the greatest sports known to mankind. If a person wants to hunt, he or she does not have to be a skilled athlete; they just need determination and drive. Anybody can participate in this great sport. Hunting is also a great way to get young men and women introduced into the outdoors. Hunting is the search for game or other wild animals for the purpose of catching or killing. Hunting is a great way to release stress and a fun way to interact with others. For many people hunting is nothing more than a hobby or a way to pass the time. However, for many others, hunting is like an addicting drug. Many hunters cannot get enough of hunting. Hunting to some is simply a way of life, just like eating dinner every night or taking a shower every day. They have to do it. Hunting is a sport from which a person can get a great deal of satisfaction. From the biggest buck to the most delicate dove, there is nothing like harvesting an animal that you
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Hunting is something that has been passed down through many generations. Hunting is also something that gives satisfaction to many hunters. Being able to kill and harvest an animal in the wild for food is something no hunter should ever take for granted. In fact, one of the most unforgettable feelings as a hunter, could be when you are about to take the shot, but you cannot hear anything but the sound of ones heartbeat. Even though there is one main definition of hunting, there are many ways one can describe this great sport. It awakens your senses to all the amazing sights and sounds of nature. For example, the sunset one might see while sitting in the stand waiting on a deer or the sights of ducks flying over the plots. Hunting is an amazing way to become aware of all of God’s amazing

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