Luther Doctrine Of The Two Kingdom Analysis

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In On Secular Authority, Luther outlines his famous “Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms”, where he argues for an understanding of two realms of authority and action; the realm of God and the Kingdom of the world. For Luther the Kingdom of God exist in the lives of Christians and the church, and is to be understood in terms of spiritual authority and commands of Christ. The Kingdom of the World exists for non-Christians, and consists of magistrates and secular authorities. It is these authorities that passages such as Romans 13 and 1 Peter address for the Christians. In this conception of the Two Kingdoms, Luther writes that the sword and secular authority have no claims to authority over Christians. He does, however, make it clear that within government and Kingdoms, Christians where to obey secular authorities out of love for their neighbor. For Luther, the whole of the Christian life involved loving one’s neighbor. Thus, because the sword is of such great value for the entire world, Luther argues that Christian should submit themselves to the sword, …show more content…
This is in order that men may not think it sufficient and an excellent thing if they follow the written law or the legal advisers; more than that is required. A ruler must not depend on either dead books or his council, but cling only to God. He must pray to God for understanding, above all books and people, on how to rule his kingdom and subject. There is no law prescribed to a ruler on how to rule his kingdom but simply instruct him what attitude his heart and mind should be to respect all laws, counsels, decisions and actions, so that he may govern himself by God’s will and that God may give him the power to carry out all laws, counsels, and actions in a proper and godly

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