Martin Luther Dbq Essay

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Martin Luther
Religious beliefs have never seized to cause conflict within civilizations and societies’. More importantly religion often associates with power and wealth, if one was not born of nobility it was often noted you were someone of low class. It was hard to obtain status even with hard work, Roman Catholic church would often let nobility be obtained through payment if one’s funds were plentiful. Until a man named Martin Luther decided to oppose the Roman Catholic church and their rule of law. He set out to spread the new meaning of spiritualty and made it his duty to spread reformation throughout the Germanic people. He purposed the rule of law and did so through various documents.
Martin produced a document
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Ultimately denying all reformation of the church. Luther believed this was unjust and acts of a devilish anti-Christ. He also states that we are bound to the scripture, which indicates any acts of abuse toward one’s power it’s our job as Christians to punish and constrain him, according to Christ’s commandment’s. The pope prevented the call of free council, so as to prevent the reformation of the church, and showing how much he neglects his power as a holy man. The third wall also indicates how it was shown and taught that only the pope can make major decisions and make the most money due to his status. Here is supposed to be the holiest and most loyal to the scripture, but yet is the one abusing the power for wealth and greed. Something the scripture preaches against. The pope makes it impossible to reform until Luther confronted his cruel acts with his published writings. Untimely exposing the pope for wearing the three crowns (pope, king, god) showing how he alone misguides the Christian people with evil and tax. Martin Luther truly believed we are bound to use all our diligence to prevent this misery and destruction of Christendom or else we will be misguided. Martin Luther died in his home town Eisleben, February 18,

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