Argumentative Essay On Martin Luther

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Martin Luther wrote the Freedom of a Christian in 1520. This work expressed the heart and soul of Luther’s treatise on Christian liberty in which he sets forth the essence of Christian faith and life. One of the main points in this treatise is Luther’s attempt to distinguish the different parts of the human person. His theory rests on the belief that everyone is made up of two parts; the inner spiritual person and the outer bodily person. Luther shows how the inner soul of a person is justified and set free by the works of faith alone. Along with this he stresses that the soul of a person doesn’t benefit from ceremonial, legal and moral works before God so therefore they are unjustified and unnecessary. In order to justify these points Luther focuses on the word of the lord or the gospel to support his arguments. In regards to the outer bodily person Luther stresses that Christians must …show more content…
Luther backs up his claim by stating that scripture is divided into two parts the commandments and promises. He says, “The commandments show us what we ought to do but do not give us the power to do it” (Luther, 11). He then goes on to say that the promises of God, which declare the Glory of God, are too many for one person to accomplish. He also deems them as “many and useless.” Instead Luther believes that one can accomplish following all of God’s promises in scripture quickly and easily through faith. For example he says, “Since these promises of God are holy, true righteous, free and peaceful words, full of goodness, the soul which clings to them with a firm faith will be so closely united with the and altogether absorbed by them that it not only will share in all their power but will be saturated and intoxicated by them” (Luther,

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