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  • Consequences Of The Truman Doctrine

    Aid into Europe, where America funded the rebuilding of various countries that had suffered economically from WWII. The Truman Doctrine was a response to the rising threat of Russia and Communism, as it expanded its influence into the impoverished Eastern Europe, and was the official attitude that the USA took towards quashing the spread. The doctrine stated that, in order to prevent the spread of communist control, countries in poverty, being the most liable to such an attractive financial…

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  • Berlin Blockade And Airlift Essay

    The Cold War was one of the biggest war impact between the United States and The Soviet Union, it made a huge mark in history between the so called allies when the S.U and the U.S fought against the Axis Powers.The Cold War was to sought out international affairs, for decades detailed crisis occurred like the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary etc… The Cold War was not a war to be exact. The Cold War was the relationship between two different countries which was American and the Soviet Union…

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  • Why The Berlin Wall Failed

    souvenirs. The first section of the Berlin Wall was removed on the 12th of June. The wall was officially dismantled on the 13th. The Soviet system was in crisis. “The fall of the Berlin Wall foreshadowed the demise of the communist governments of Eastern Europe…

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis Dbq Analysis

    The United States and the Soviet Union fought in the cold war in 1947, ending in 1991. It was the beginning of change in government in Germany and European nations after WWII ended. It also caused separation and oppression. The United States and the Soviet Union were debating whether Germany and other European countries would be capitalist or communists. These countries taken over through communism and the US weren’t standing for communism. Due to this conflict, Europe provided money to rise…

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  • Truman Doctrine Dbq Analysis

    A walk through West Berlin: Containment of Communism After WWII , The United States made great efforts to contain communism from spreading around the world. Containment was the idea that the Soviet Union and Soviet communism should not be allowed to spread. A short passage, from a telegram that was secretly sent to U.S. State Department officials on February 22, 1946 from an American foreign service officer in Moscow makes it clear that Joseph Stalin and the Soviets believe communism is better…

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  • Iron Curtain Speech Analysis

    Union would be involved in the Cold War. In March 1946, former British Minister Winston Churchill spoke of the dangers to basic liberties posted by the Soviet system of government. He declared that an “Iron Curtain” (Document 1) has descended over Eastern Europe trapping Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and East Germany. In Document 2, Churchill's “Iron Curtain Speech” expressed…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of The Cold War

    Causes of the Cold War This was a time of political, economic and military rivalry between USSR and the US. This happens after the Second World War in which problems arose due to ever-changing international power. The Soviet Union was aiming to get extra land while the United States was trying to prevent the Soviet Union from gaining what they wanted. The war was cold because the United States and the USSR used not to fight each other in a directly military conflict, instead they threaten each…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Khrushchev

    The practice of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) has been a controversial feature of the Intelligence community since the creation of CIA in 1947. When George Kennan came out with the strategy of containment in the 1946 “long telegram”, recurring to human activities to counteract the eventual Soviet infiltrations appeared as a better means than military activities. In fact, it would have allowed the clandestine collection of Soviet documents and archives through the personal contact with foreigners…

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  • Winston Churchill's Iron Curtain

    Curtain” When Winston Churchill spoke of an iron curtain that was descending on Europe he suggested that while it was not a physical iron curtain dividing Europe,. He spoke metaphorically referencing Soviet domination in Eastern Europe and the obvious divide between Western and Eastern ideologies. Churchill coined the term “Iron Curtain” while giving a speech in Missouri. In 1947 Bernard Baruch created the term the “Cold War” is an attempt to describe post WWII relations between Western powers…

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  • Why Is NATO: Unnecessary Or Necessary?

    Ever since the Cold War ended, the usefulness of the NATO alliance has been called into question by many participating countries across the world. In a world where the threat of nuclear warfare between the Soviet Union, now Russia, and the United States is no longer nearly as likely, many scrutinize NATO as being an unnecessary relic from the past. To me however, NATO no longer represents an alliance meant to counter the USSR but a means in which member countries can further their shared…

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