Eastern Church Vs Western Church Essay

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In the beginning of the church, not many people adapted to the change. The first idea of the Christian Church was when the apostles or followers of Jesus, who was the Son of God, spread around Asia, Europe, and North Africa to teach others of Jesus’ teachings of God. Jesus, who was born and preached in Judea, was sent by God to preach his good news. He was later crucified by the Romans and rose from the dead three days later. After his ascension to Heaven, his apostles traveled around, preaching. That started to make everyone change their ways and convert to Christianity. One of the apostles Paul, wrote a series of letters called epistles that spread the belief that non-Jews could become Christian. Gentiles soon found their way to God. Many religions were accepted in Rome, but Christianity was not. Followers of the religion would be persecuted for their belief in God. These persecutions produced martyrs. Catacombs were built under the city so that the people could meet and preach in secret. Soon, an Emperor named Constantine ended persecution because he converted to Christianity himself. He also made it the official religion in AD 380. …show more content…
The Eastern church was founded by when the great schism happened. They had many beliefs. Before they split, the people had an argument whether Jesus was fully human, or fully divine. A group of bishops made the Nicene Creed to state that Jesus was both fully human and divine. The Eastern Orthodox didn’t believe in icons. They thought it was against the bible, and do not support it. The emperor is the head of the church, while the patriarchs handled day to day affairs. The emperor had the power to remove a patriarch. They also had married priests. The church also spoke Greek in their main language. The main reason they developed in Constantinople is because there was too much paganism in Rome. These are the different beliefs that the Eastern Orthodox Church

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