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  • Essay On The Role Of Sports In The Cold War Sports

    Introduction The Cold War was a war between the two superpowers, USSR and USA. Despite being the two most powerful countries in the world, no actual fighting took place. Instead, the war was fought through various methods of propaganda and threats. Sports were a very large part of propaganda in the Cold War. Countries were trying to prove their superiority in every way, and used sports as an effective method to do so. Soviets and the West were tight rivals, and would go to any limit to prove…

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  • Berlin Wall Essay

    A symbol of oppression for the German people, the Berlin Wall was a barrier that separated the city of Berlin in both the physical and metaphorical form of the word. Officially designated the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart” by the government of the German Democratic Republic, the wall split the city of Berlin into two segments. One half was controlled by the Soviet Union and the other half of Berlin was administered by an alliance of the three Western allied powers, comprised of the United…

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  • Eastern Philosophy: The Four Eastern Philosophers

    During the middle of the semester, we began discussing Eastern Philosophy. Kung Fu Tze, Lao Tze, Mo Tze, and Siddartha Gautama were the four Eastern Philosophers we discussed. Each of these philosophers had different objectives. Kung Fu Tze, also known as Confucius, believed that life ought to be lived in accordance with Heaven. Secondly, Lao Tze focused his concept around the Universe. Thirdly, Mo Tze based his philosophy on Jian Ai which is “Indiscriminate Love.” Lastly, the final philosopher…

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  • Marshall Plan Success

    The Marshall Plan was the idea behind a speech made by U.S. Secretary of State, George C. Marshall that suggested that the United States assist Europe with their economic devastation; however, there was no actual “plan.” Once the plan was approved and became the European Recovery Program it lasted from April 1948 to December 1951. During that time there was approximately $12.5 billion dollars given to 12 European countries. The Marshall Plan did have its faults but overall was a success in…

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  • Berlin Wall Rhetorical Analysis

    On the 12th of June, 1987, President Ronald Reagan delivered a powerful and emotional speech in west Berlin, Germany. This speech was addressing the Berlin Wall, and all of the political issues that came with it. 26 years prior to Reagan’s speech, the Berlin wall was built to separate the communist East from the “Allied” west, this wall was extremely controversial and kept any people from leaving west Berlin without great difficulty. Reagan’s speech had immense impact on Berlin, 2 years after…

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  • The Importance Of The Potsdam Conference

    Within Truman’s first few weeks of presidency, Truman attended the Potsdam Conference in 1945. The Potsdam conference was a conference where Stalin, Churchill, and Truman nicknamed the Big Three, met in Potsdam, Germany to negotiate the end of World War II (The Potsdam Conference). The Potsdam Conference was a significant event mainly because it gave the all of the leaders a chance to discuss their plans so that there was no confusion amongst the allies regarding post-war plans in Germany and…

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  • Good Morning Vietnam Film Analysis

    From 1945 – 1989, America and Russia were locked into the “Cold War.” (Cold War) This wasn’t like a normal war were two countries directly pitted their military strengths against each other. Instead, the Cold War was fought with politics, fear, spies, and proxy wars. This was extremely scary for the American public, creating national hatred for communism and any countries affected by it. Vietnam was one of these countries, having been divided into a southern, democratic half and a northern,…

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  • Theme Of Communism In Closely Watched Trains

    Communism in Eastern Europe has been an issue for decades and has often been reflected in the cinema the region releases. Whether being analogized through theatrical performance or sex and manhood, the argument of resistance has been a very loud one in Eastern European cinema. In this essay I plan to address the following points of concern: Sexual conquest and its use as passage into an altered state of thought. Play-acting and theatrics and whether or not they are purposeful in film or are they…

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  • Frederick Taylor The Berlin Wall Summary

    Frederick Taylor author of The Berlin Wall: A World Divided 1961-1989 written in 2007, brings to the front an almost forgotten event in history. He writes an in depth novel of what precipitated the events before the wall was built, and after it was torn down. Taylor gives a thorough account of the happenings, and with the use of evidence, personal account, interviews, and opinion he gives a delightful and at time somewhat controversial account of the Berlin Wall. The author gives account of the…

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  • American's Relationship With The Cold War

    The Second World War was one of the most challenging periods humanity has ever faced. The world was plagued by death and destruction caused by feuding countries in a war of power. During the war, the United States of America and the Soviet Union played a great role. Their military forces helped bring down Nazi Germany and recovered what was left of Europe. But issues ensued during these trying times that caused these wartime allies turn on each other and become enemies during the Cold War. What…

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