Eastern State Penitentiary

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  • Eastern State Penitentiary Analysis

    John Swain: Eastern Penitentiary Worksheet Part I: General Questions: Answer 3 (1 point each) What was the correctional philosophy of Eastern State Penitentiary when it opened? Eastern State’s philosophy was the Pennsylvania System- a system where prisoners were isolated in their own cells with only a bible their thoughts. This complete silence and isolation was essential to repentance, however it was a maddening system that could (and I’m sure has) driven many prisoners insane. Name two prominent Philadelphians who were involved in conceptualizing Eastern State Penitentiary and how they were influential in the penitentiary movement. Dr. Benjamin Rush and Benjamin Franklin were essential in conceptualizing the Eastern State Penitentiary. They…

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  • Eastern State Prison Analysis

    Eastern State Penitentiary Started with a small jail, then a “penitentiary house” was built on that had 16 rooms that were used to see how prisoners acted when they are confined day and or night. Since the jail was so small even with the new building, the decision was made to build a newer bigger penitentiary. The final decision was made in 1821 that the new penitentiary was going to be built. The new building was made to hold around 250 inmates at one time. John Haviland was the head architect…

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  • Essay On Torture In Canada

    geared towards psychological acts of violence. The latter use has been hard for society to come to terms with. This paper will describe how Canada used residential schools and segregation as a means of torture. First it will give a general background of the use of torture in Europe, secondly it will define torture differentiating it from abuse, thirdly it will discuss torture as punishment with the example of segregation, and lastly it will discuss the use of torture in regards to political…

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  • Angola Rodeo Thesis

    The Angola Rodeo, a tradition held annually in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, is an event inmates die for. Danger not only subsists in the race itself, but also in the fact that the rodeo doesn’t seem problematic on the surface. The inmates are completely aware of the risks which they are willing to take on for their own fun; they even sign a legal release indicating their free will and waiving culpability of the State of Louisiana. Not only so, it’s a scarce opportunity for them to feel…

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  • How We Survived Communism And Even Laughed Analysis

    government in Eastern Europe at a time, where everyone was poor, became every citizen’s worst nightmare. Drakulić, Slavenka’s, How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed (1992), describes the struggle of Eastern European citizens, specifically women in the fight to end communism. Slavenka Drakulić was a Croatian journalist who travelled through various countries such as Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia East Germany, and Bulgaria, spending time with women and listening to their life stories,…

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  • Rise And Fall Of The Berlin Wall Essay

    the Berlin Wall The United States’ and Soviet Union’s victory over Germany at the Elbe River, gave an image of peace to the rest of the world, as two nations combined to defeat a power that did everything it could to rise up and control the rest of the world. Unfortunately, human nature has shown, previous to World War II, that the world can’t live in peace because only one can be the best and most powerful. When Germany surrendered in the spring of 1945, the peace-making alliances that were…

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  • Remarks At The Brandenburg Gate Speech

    the audience to accept his claim with little resistance. Reagan continues to support his thesis as he transitions to a discussion about the Soviet Union’s recent efforts at reform by demonstrating that the Soviet Union is attempting to be increasingly similar to the United States. While maintaining a suspicious tone to deny naivety, he subtly encourages hope by declaring, “We welcome change and openness; for we believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty —…

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  • Operation Abundance By Greg Castillo: Article Analysis

    Greg Castillo’s article examines how the United States used displays of lavish and modern consumerism, as an effective tool in the fight against communism. The thesis of the article is that the desire for consumer goods is, at least, partially responsible for causing unrest in the Eastern Bloc and exposed how different the Soviet’s communist tenets were from what humans’ desire. In the introduction of Greg’s article, he speaks of a fictitious account published in 1951 by sociologist David…

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  • Christian And Muslim Perspectives: The Crusades

    The Crusades was a gory period in history where the Christians and Muslims had their own differences, which brought them into conflict and leading to a couple million deaths. Both sides had their own perspectives that the other would not agree on. I will be explaining the Western and Eastern Christian and Muslim’s perspectives and how it brought them to war. First I will be going over a summary of this time period so one can feel empathy and understand why things happened the way they did. Pope…

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  • Berlin Wall Research Paper

    the wall went down. The way of living in the East and the West were very different. So this meant that it would take the people even longer to become unified because all the different ways of living, socially and economically. As the days passed on, life for people living in Germany went back to normal. Even though several Germans went to the opposite side they were living on, they still carried on their beliefs (The Fall of the Berlin wall”). The people of Germany were happy to be united once…

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