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  • How Did World War 1 Change Eastern Europe

    From 1750 CE until the present day (2015), Eastern Europe underwent numerous changes and few continuities. Some of the changes: the mini-ice age, rise of communism, spread of the potato, decline of serfdom, an ideological desire for militarism, nationalism, alliances, and imperialism, and new weapons/warfare create new avenues for political, economic, social, and intellectual reform. While the reliance on agriculture and ever-lasting ethnic conflict remained largely consistent throughout the…

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  • Downfall Of The Berlin Wall Essay

    Introduction: The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 by German Democratic Republic’s (GDR) government to stop people form the eastern bloc to escape to the west through West Berlin. Its downfall in November of 1989 was huge news to the world as with its importance it affected the whole world. It was not just uniting a single country again but it also opened the border between the East and West of Europe and the world. It was an end to the Cold War tensions between the two ideologies of the USSR with…

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  • Persuasive Speech: Tear Down This Wall

    was the first time he was well off in the world. But taxes were high which made Reagan hated high taxes, so when he's president he passes low tax rates. First, Reagan became governor of California and turned State Budget from Deficit to Surplus. Reagan became 40th president of the United states served for two full terms taxes under Reagan was relativity low.He was a well liked president having a 53% average approval rating. Rhetorical devices used in Ronald Reagan speech “Tear Down this…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Marshall Plan

    Following the World War II, the nations of Europe, whether they won or lost, were devastated and exhausted socially and economically. In addition, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the world’s top superpowers in contention with each other to prove whose ideology was superior. The fight between capitalism and communism escalated immediately following the war and each nation did all that they could do to gain the upper hand. On June 5, 1947, George Marshall gave a speech at the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Berlin Wall

    The reason for the building of the Berlin Wall and the impact on Germany, Berlin and other places, the problems created by the Soviet Union for the people and the restrictions of several human rights and freedom will prove that the era of the Berlin Wall was indeed problematic for the people in different areas. The problems created by the Soviet Union will prove that the era of the Berlin Wall was indeed problematic for people from many different areas. Due to the problems created by the Soviet…

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  • How Did Hitler's Failure To Invade Russia

    Russian order of battle. German soldiers began to lose morale as each division they defeated was immediately replaced by another. As more and more Russian divisions came on line the German momentum started to slow. These problems were compounded by the state of German armor. The rough Russian roads and great distances these tanks had to move were taking their toll. More and more tanks were breaking down or had mechanical problems. The winter of 1941 had a devastating effect on German tanks as…

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  • How Did The Cold War Affect The World

    After World War II ended, many of the former superpowers were weakened. This left two major powers, the USA and the USSR in power. Because of differences in political ideologies and egos, another conflict arose. This conflict is called the Cold War. Many countries were terrified since nuclear war and World War III was a possibility if the war didn’t stop. It affected many regions of the world, particularly East and West Berlin and Cuba. The Soviet Union helped Cuba and established in the world…

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  • Life In The Shadow Of Berlin Wall Essay

    of the Berlin Wall The defining symbol of the Cold War was built on August 13, 1961. The world was still regaining its strength after the traumatic events of World War II. The country of Germany was divided between the four major allies the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union (Dearden). The city of Berlin, which during the time of World War II was the capital of Nazi Germany, was divided amongst all of the allies even though Berlin is located in East Germany. A democratic…

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  • The Sovietization Of The Sovietization Of East Central Europe

    In postwar Europe the opportunity to seize the nations of Eastern Central Europe was presented. Not necessarily by any fault of their own but because the great powers of Europe were not concerned with the sovereignty of the small nations of East Central Europe and allowed for their disregard. During this time of indifference the Soviet Union came in and asserted their power over the smaller nations in an attempt to Sovietize them. It is of vital importance that the reasons why, how, and to…

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  • Rise Of The Berlin Wall Essay

    life condition and economy grew rapidly with the help of Capitalism. The positive turnover of West Berlin society created a huge contrast between the two halves of Germany. In East Berlin, people lived with a constant fear of war, the economy of the state began shrinking, and individual freedom were greatly restricted by its government. As a result, “by the early 1960s, East Germany was rapidly losing both its labor force and its population,” with more than 2.5 million people have been escaped…

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