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    wilderness around 2. The area I’m in is a more desert biome, outside or by a school with a large patch of desert. The typical temperature is Hot and I would expect minor precipitation to fall there in the month of my visit. The soil type is dry dirt and is very dusty, as well as the area around me is very barren. I chose a site on a slope without a water drainage feature. 3. I expected to find lots of shrubs, cactus, bushes, and no grass. That is close to what I observed when I was there. I observed an Owl coming up out of a hole, and make a sound at me. Which I believed it to be a burrowing owl. In addition, I saw jumping cactus, barrel cactus’s, and saguaros. 4. a. The name of the plant I chose was the barrel cactus also known as Echinocactus grusonii officially. b. The average length was 43.4 mm, and the average width was 2.8 mm. The range in length was 7 mm and the width was 2 mm. c. They had a more curve to the leaves/spikes then the other ones around it. d. The function of them is to protect itself from certain things in its habitat such as animals. I think it has just the right amount and not to many thorns/spikes. 5. The texture of it is hard and sharp at the tip, and you are not really able to see much of the root structure. 6. It reproduces by its flowers/fruit it can grow which seeds are inside. So when an animal comes and eats them the seeds spill onto the ground making it possible for it to reproduce in the soil 7. It differs mainly in…

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