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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Case Study

    children with ASD have a hard time playing with other children, sharing or making friends. They do not respond to many non-verbal forms of communication, forming and sustaining friendships, seeking to share with other people and difficulties with social and emotional responsiveness. • Stuck doing repetitive tasks and showing patterns in behavior and activities (DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria). Children with autism need strict routines because if they do not, they tend to become emotional and restless. They also have strong attachment to certain objects, making them less flexible to change. Certain sensory stimuli like sounds, tastes, textures, and smells can upset children with ASD. • Impaired speech and repeating phrases over and over, called echolalia. ASD children might only talk about topics that are interesting to them. Some key aspects of an ASD diagnosis is that children must show symptoms in the early developmental period, although you may not be able to tell if a child has ASD until they get to school or begin to socialize with other children. Also, the ASD diagnosis is so broad that it can be made more specific by identifying the presence of intellectual or language impairment (McPartland, 2012). Children with ASD may also be given a severity level for their diagnosis, ranging from 1 (requiring support) to 3 (requiring very substantial support) (DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria). Knowing these specifications can help parents and teachers understand ASD students better and…

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  • Tourette's Syndrome

    What do you know about Tourette Syndrome? What is your gender? Female Male What grade are you in? Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Do you know what Tourette’s is? Yes No Sort of Tourette’s is a condition of the… Circulatory system Nervous system Respiratory system Skeletal system Tourette’s causes people to... Pass out Have irregular heart beats Make sudden movements or sounds Have migraines People with Tourette’s... Have a hard time breathing Have panic attacks Have tics All of the above Which…

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  • People With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    “People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) demonstrate characteristics of impaired social interaction and communication abilities. These clients are unable to initiate conversations and fail to understand or observe nonverbal behaviors. Another identifier for someone with ASD is their use of repetitive and restrictive behaviors. A client with ASD will repeat the question being asked rather than answer it. The client will parrot or repeat one word or phrase that is spoken to them, also known as…

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  • Inappropriate Vocalization Definition

    100). This placed him in the low range.DaNorrian does not seek out peers to engage. He will at times place himself near a group of peers, but tends to talk more to himself. With adults, DaNorrian will seek out adults if he needs help getting his lunch or working the computer. If staff engages him,establich eye contact, he will respond with one or two word responses. DaNorrina has been observed to be non-compliant, stand in a corner and not respond to directives/prompts at times up to 20…

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  • What's Eating Gilbert Grape Essay

    Arnie looks up to his older brother Gilbert and imitates his words, actions, and body posture. Arnie also constantly repeats what his mother says. For example, his mother tells Arnie “do not disappear on me again”, multiple times throughout the movie. Arnie recalls this statement and imitates it by telling Gilbert not to disappear. Another example of Arnie’s echolalia is when Gilbert sings him a song to help calm Arnie down and off the water tower; Arnie immediately begins to sing the same song…

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  • Analysis Of Erikson's Short Term Memory

    Also, as mentioned in the article, one in six adults binge drink four times a month, and he seemed the most likely to adapt to this behavior if allowed (Almendrala, 2016). Opposite to Larry, Elizabeth was a little miss goody two-shoes. She was the person I was most interested to find information about. She is native to India, and was placed in Mother Theresa’s Orphanage as a young girl. She is completely blind, and is affected by Echolalia. The reason I was so intrigued with her is because,…

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  • The Importance Of Friendship In Rules By Cynthia Lord

    life that he was invested in. Although this novel continuously worked to tear down the boundary between children with disabilities, and those without, Rules contains many issues. Although Jason’s character becomes more independent in the span of the novel, and grows as a person, the attitude and treatment of David remains largely negative. Starting in the beginning, Catherine views David as a burden and wishes there was a magic pill he could take to be “normal.” Although David is very much…

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  • Leo Kanner's Research Paper On Autism

    occurs in all children regardless or race, disability, or gender. Autism will occur in deaf children. Deaf children have many of the same symptoms of an autistic child. Deaf autistic children usually do not make eye contact with the person talking to them. They also may not be able to sustain eye contact with the speaker. According to, they state that sustaining eye contact puts a great stress on children who are on the spectrum. It is hard for children on the spectrum to hold…

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  • Jack The Ripper Theory

    to other men for material gains. The action of going back to the street infuriated him. While trying to scare away Kelly, he allegedly murdered a fistful prostitutes. Physical description of Joseph Barnett We are convinced that Joseph Bernett was the serial killer since his physical description tot up with the ones given by several witnesses. Joseph Bernett had a fair complexion, he was medium built and had blue eyes. In addition to these, the thirty years old gentleman had a height of 5' 7…

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  • Essay On Asperger's Syndrome

    persons with Autism experience mental retardation, by definition a person with Asperger's Disorder can't use a "clinically significant" cognitive delay. This does not imply that all individuals with autism have mental retardation. A person with AS may get average to above average intelligence, and some don't, although some do. Children with AS may demonstrate advanced abilities for their era in language, reading, mathematics, spatial skills, or music, often into the 'blessed' selection, but…

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