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  • Economic Integration And Economic Globalization

    The development of communication and new technologies, and the use of Internet have made huge economic and political transformations. People, banks and industries use the cyberspace to trade their capitals among national and regional economies. Moreover, economic integration and economic globalization have shrunk economic connections across the globe. Goods and Services can be easily trade among nations because there are several facilities of transportation, control, and payment. The increase flows of capital mediated by digital technology have stimulated several transactions. However, the uncontrollable use of capital flows has also triggered economic issues like economic crises, deficits in the balance of payments, capital outflows, and inconveniences with the exchange rate. Although capital flows could be considered risky, it is important to consider the evolution of international economy and the interaction of its economic actors to determine if capital flows trigger benefits. According with Steger, the contemporary economic globalization started with the emergence of Bretton Woods. The United States and Grain Britain resolved to create a more stable money exchange system in which the value of each country’s currency was attached to a fixed gold value of the US dollar (p.38). This institution also set the institutional foundation for the three new…

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  • Economics Vs Neoclassical Economics

    The comparison between the neoclassical economics advocated by Kenneth Arrow and information economics by George Stigler show the different point of view towards the function of market and the economical mechanism to fix the market failure and improve the economic performance and social welfare. The two points of views differs mainly on whether the government should way in when the economy is facing trouble and need to resolve some market failures that are currently affecting the well-being of…

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  • Economics And Economic Analysis: Comments On The Model

    Comments on the Model 1. Authors use the AIDS to derive the expenditure share in good j for individual h, which is given by equation (10); s_j (p,x_h )= α_j+∑_(k=1)^J▒〖γ_jk lnp_k+β_j ln⁡(x_h/(a(p))) 〗 Here a(p) is the cost of the subsistence basket of goods which is independent from nonhomotheticities, that is, it is assumed that a(p) does not vary with the level of income. Though this is a plausible assumption within a country, across countries it is more like to vary given the differences in…

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  • The Economic And Economic Gap

    The economic and cultural divide between developed and developing countries has been apparent throughout history, so the existence of this ever growing “gap” is no secret to any global citizen. Although this gap has been evident for decades, we must ask ourselves how has this gap continued to grow as the world advances. How can one measure the size of this gap if it is not actually visible? By comparing the economic statues of multiple developed and developing countries along with their levels…

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  • Classical Competition In Economics

    Classical economists were steadfast proponents of the markets, contending markets without interference can naturally maximize both individual and public interests. The economic orders that benefit the whole society emerge as the unconscious result of actions and voluntary transactions of each individual (Friedman & Friedman 2011). Competition within market is positive, through which the pursuit of self-interests by individual, the basic unit of society, can generate the socially beneficial…

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  • Economic Effects Of Zoos

    The study on the Lincoln’s Children Zoo is not the only study that shows the extreme economic impact zoos and aquaria have. There are many other people that have researched, and show how zoos are economic generators for the communities. Based on the information interpreted by Thomas (2011), “Looking just at Texas, a study determines that AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums generate $884.2 million in economic activity annually for the Lone Star State. They also employ 8,998 people and provide…

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  • Naked Economics And Globalization

    In today’s modern society, time is usually the most valuable commodity for anyone around the world. We are constantly complaining about how there are not enough hours in a day to do everything that is needed to be done. As we learn from Wheelan’s Naked Economics it is key to understand that Globalization and trade help save us time and money. It is claimed that trade makes us richer. Trading, again, saves time because we are able to use the time we would have to spend farming and hunting our own…

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  • Keynesian Economics

    1. In part I, Keynes believes people are suffering from the development of a new economics period. He predicts the error of pessimism will be proven wrong in time. The pessimism that people believe violent change is the only way to protect them and the pessimism that people do not care much about economics and social life. He believes that the standard life of a average person has no change due to the combination of the shortage of “important technical inventions” and “failure of capital”.…

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  • Economics: The Five Most Important Economic Variables

    5 most important economic variables (1) GDP (2) Interest rate (3) Personal income and consumption (4) Debt (5) Inflation 【GDP】The gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the most important indicators to evaluate the condition of a country 's economy. It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period; thus the size GDP would also indicate the size of the economy of the country. Normally, GDP is used to compare with the previous quarter or year’s…

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  • Importance Of Islamic Economics

    In the beginning, it might appear that Islamic Economics is just economics with the moral values. Surprisingly, a closer look reveals that its values are the logic behind why we cannot claim it as economics, but instead a moral economy. This essay will demonstrate why we should view Islamic Economics as a moral economy rather than economics by exploring the foundational principles, the economic objectives, the real problem of the economy in the developing countries and the economic rationale.…

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